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Pretty art!

[001] If you've yet to try the korean manwha The Breaker - do check it out! The action is fantastic, the art (character, poses, scenes etc.) is fab and I keep going \o/ through it all.

I think I first fell in love with it when I laid eyes on Hyuk (voila!) and was instant <3 whenever I saw him later. Not to mention the expressions (like this one on Chun-woo's face) kinda make me stop and stare.

Ultimately, I'm easy: Hyuk So Chun and Shiwoon Lee are the instant OTP - just love their chemistry :D It's obvious from their first meeting, the shared glances (which happen more than once lol), as well as their fight, going right up till the scene in the latest chapter <3

Not to mention Hyuk is CONTSTANTLY thinking of Shiwoon hahaha

Though this is a series where I could probably ship everyone x everyone - Chun Woo and Shiwoon have that awesome mentor/student thing going and then there's also Shiho; for once I actually like the het shippiness between her and Chun Woo. It doesn't hurt that she's one KICK ASS female.

But anyway, Hyuk/Shiwoon = \o/

[002] Some shiny art from DevART:
[003] I was spazzy about kai-isolated's chibis since I saw the two she did of Naruto and Sasuke. Which led to three awesome sets of chibi pics - Duo & Heero, chibi!me and Sasuke & Naruto (and a bowl of ramen!).

sharona1x2 also got a great one of Duo and Heero which can be seen over here

Anyway, here they are:

click for bigger version:

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What a coincidence, I just started reading The Breaker this weekend lol. I love it <3

And those chibis are DARLING xD oh my goodness. You would probably like NTDevont's chibis as well then because the style is very similar. SO CUTE <3
Isn't it just fab? I was going through old mangas and realised how spoilt I've gotten when it comes to gorgeous art in manga these days - takes a lot more shiny for me to go all *_*

Remember seeing NTDevont's Zuko and Toph and being so impressed - their chibi!styles are kinda similar except for the eyes maybe? Though I think I like NTDevont's regular sized art a tad more :)
Your commissions are always so cute. I love chibi!You, and Sasuke/Naruto is adorable. You come up with great poses.

Thanks again for sharing the artist with me! I'm so glad we both were able to get such sweet commissions of Heero and Duo. ♥
omg, such adorable commissions! Love the apple cheeks, the cuteness asjfjlfl I DIE~~!
Anyway, thank you for mentioning the manga you're interested. I was really looking for something fascinating to read.
Your chibis are so cute!!!! =O
I can't decide on if I love the Sasuke and Naruto one or the Duo and Heero one more. *-*