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Pretty art!

[001] If you've yet to try the korean manwha The Breaker - do check it out! The action is fantastic, the art (character, poses, scenes etc.) is fab and I keep going \o/ through it all.

I think I first fell in love with it when I laid eyes on Hyuk (voila!) and was instant <3 whenever I saw him later. Not to mention the expressions (like this one on Chun-woo's face) kinda make me stop and stare.

Ultimately, I'm easy: Hyuk So Chun and Shiwoon Lee are the instant OTP - just love their chemistry :D It's obvious from their first meeting, the shared glances (which happen more than once lol), as well as their fight, going right up till the scene in the latest chapter <3

Not to mention Hyuk is CONTSTANTLY thinking of Shiwoon hahaha

Though this is a series where I could probably ship everyone x everyone - Chun Woo and Shiwoon have that awesome mentor/student thing going and then there's also Shiho; for once I actually like the het shippiness between her and Chun Woo. It doesn't hurt that she's one KICK ASS female.

But anyway, Hyuk/Shiwoon = \o/

[002] Some shiny art from DevART:
[003] I was spazzy about kai-isolated's chibis since I saw the two she did of Naruto and Sasuke. Which led to three awesome sets of chibi pics - Duo & Heero, chibi!me and Sasuke & Naruto (and a bowl of ramen!).

sharona1x2 also got a great one of Duo and Heero which can be seen over here

Anyway, here they are:

click for bigger version:

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