Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Omg, almost weekend thank god...

[001] I got a formspring account here!

[002] Virus-AC74 finished coloring Fire Mage and the image is just incredible *_*

[003] Got some new fonts for my laptop, including Lucinda Grande for windows, which y'all can download over here. On a side note, I'm constantly surprised by just how many fonts are on torrents O_O

[004] Visited raptureicons a few days back and stopped and stared at the colors on their layout - then looked up the designer XD Turns out its from the locked layout community flagorneur and I really like the color use on some of the layouts shared - particularly, patsy (image) which can be found here (members only)

[005] Layout!design links of note:[006] Probably going to marathon seasons one and two of Eureka in this next week :D

[007] Finally moved to my own room in the basement over the past weekend and it came with a TV \o/ - of course this was just in time for the Olympics clsoing ceremony *facepalm* In any case, forgot how addictive HGTV, Discovery and Food Network can be >_>

Big Daddy's House is on at the moment and his Spicy Tuna Rolls (with the tuna pretty much left rare like sashimi) reminded me I've yet to eat lunch *starving* Wasn't so keen on the rolls but the mushroom tarts and the fact that I haven't had sushi since December made me all D:

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