This is what happens when you take an awesome meme (from glockgal), don't have much time and therefore get half-assed results.

It's the How do you see yourself? meme where you draw yourself XD Normally I see the true!me as a chibi (like the commish piece here by bara-chan and the latest one by kai-isolated) so I pretty much just drew myself from a mirror image:

Crappy marker body!sketch drawing+ cutout filter on photoshop:

+ ULTRA crappy digital face!drawing with wacom tablet. Not only did I forget my glasses but my hair is the style it was like two months ago *facepalm*

SUPER DUPER crappy photo:


There are a lot of better responses, like the one from bzzinglikeneon or lizardspot's take on it
Even with the wacom!tablet, I'm far more comfy with pencil/pen and paper - as long as its not face drawing which I SUCK BALLS at D:
You know I have actually become more comfortable with the tablet because I love how you can customize brushes to respond to pressure in so many different ways + ease of erasing.

Heh, faces are the only thing I have any proper practice doing.
Oh definitely love the different brushes available at DevART though I think I still need lots and lots of practice with it before I see any improvement >_> Wish there were an online tutorial with mini tasks/projects one could do to improve at tablet!usage ;_;

Faces are so HARD omg, how on earth do you do it? Bodies I can at least break down to action!stick men then build with geometric shaped before laying down final lines but faces never seem to come out right since that doesn't really apply for them :(
My last year of art class in high school the teacher spent a very long time teaching us how to draw faces and having us practice by drawing each other and then ourselves. I learned a lot and the practice stuck with me. We never got to full bodies though so I am teh suck at that and have to look up endless reference pictures.

Also I just use the brushes already in PS, but I like that you can set opacity or color or size to respond to pressure. I dunno it just feels sort of soft and easy.
Your sketch is aces!! I LOVE YOUR TOES ajkhadsljkh *tweaks them* Now draw a face on the body cos that facelessness just looks creepy. xD ♥
WHATEVS, that looks cool!!! I love how you got the feel and look of yourself, even as a non-faced shape. The little details like your toes only add. It's kind of awesome and even more artistic to see you without the face, heeeeee.