This is what happens when you take an awesome meme (from glockgal), don't have much time and therefore get half-assed results.

It's the How do you see yourself? meme where you draw yourself XD Normally I see the true!me as a chibi (like the commish piece here by bara-chan and the latest one by kai-isolated) so I pretty much just drew myself from a mirror image:

Crappy marker body!sketch drawing+ cutout filter on photoshop:

+ ULTRA crappy digital face!drawing with wacom tablet. Not only did I forget my glasses but my hair is the style it was like two months ago *facepalm*

SUPER DUPER crappy photo:


There are a lot of better responses, like the one from bzzinglikeneon or lizardspot's take on it
My last year of art class in high school the teacher spent a very long time teaching us how to draw faces and having us practice by drawing each other and then ourselves. I learned a lot and the practice stuck with me. We never got to full bodies though so I am teh suck at that and have to look up endless reference pictures.

Also I just use the brushes already in PS, but I like that you can set opacity or color or size to respond to pressure. I dunno it just feels sort of soft and easy.