Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Omg, Caprica!

[001] Watched the first five episodes of Caprica and really enjoying it so far. Nowhere as dark and depressing as BSG (which while being fab, was srsly hard to watch) and virtual reality environments always make me \o/ (ever since the Real Adventures of Johnny Quest).

And with the latest episode I sort of have a very out there OTP (very much in the future Vergis/Avatar!Zoe - I KNOW, CRAZY)

[002] Now that new episodes of Big Bang Theory and Good Wife have come out, can't wait for Fringe and even Supernatural to an extent (I want to see Pestilence and Death ^_^)

[003] Wanted to try quinoa and was wondering if there were any favorite tried recipes (otherwise I'll end up trying allrecipes' picks instead)

[004] For the first time ever, a review made me want to watch a horror film (My Bloody Valentine 3D)

[005] Useful tools:

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