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Art and gloves

[001] Didn't expect any qs on formspring but was happily surprised :D

[002] I adore the movement in this particular commission done by samurai-pet on DevART. I've always had a thing for knights/swords et all but there's something about the character that has me staring at the picture for ages. It's one of those pics I wish had a story (preferably slashy haha) about it *sigh*

[003] Will be trying out Paint Tool SAI and Flash for inking images (lineart). The latter is 'cause of this tutorial I stumbled onto. Hopefully one of them will work out well...

[004] On the issue of tuts, there are some spots worth checking out: the photoshop tutorial group on DA and the tutorials section - always mean to look at them in more detail but never get around to it.

[005] Artists on the flist: how do you usually figure out poses? I like the stock!photos with poses on DA, but I was wondering if there are other sites that are generally regarded as the go-to places for figure drawing.

[006] If you adore Duo Maxwell, maxdasuki is one of those artists worth friending 'cause the art and close ups are just, wooooow.

[007] I 've got basic gouache, watercolor, acryllic and oil paints which I plan to try out at the end of March - was wondering if people have any tips for newbiews? Am looking at tuts for future reference at the moment :)

[008] Watched Eureka again and JO IS SO AWESOME, OMG

[009] Got my gloves this past week from darchildre and they are PERFECT \o/

[010] Ten days of hell and then a break for all the things I want/need to do but haven't had the time for. Wish I could fast forward to the 19th so I could get some sleep already ;_;
Here's a Japanese site called Pose Maniacs.

I wish Spring Break was here already. It's looks like I'm going to be pulling a 2nd all-nighter this week due to a project in Design 2. x_X
Oooh, I remember Pose Maniacs from ages back - particularly the 30 second drawings :D

It's ridiculous when you go to the class and it turns out nobody got more than maybe 3 hours sleep the previous night, if that D:
fdsa In those circumstances- I'm usually the one going on about 2 hours less than anyone else. D: Yay for being a Vist major. (Vist is, I think, TAMU's catch-all term for for anything having to do with graphic design aside from architecture).
SAI is incredible for inking! Once you get the feel for it, it's very fast and flexible. Setting your own keyboard shortcuts can make your work-flow super easy.
I've had the program for a long time but have barely played around with it - really wanna get more familiar with it.

What keyboard shortcuts do you tend to use in it? In photoshop I've set my tablet with easy access to the following: undo/state backwards, pan, color picker, zoom and colorpicker and brush menu. Not sure what shortcuts would be most important for lineart work in SAI though...

I set up keys for line weight, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 for curves. I only make one line tool because I find that doing everything in curves and then toggling points for corners is usually fastest. E for Erase, P for Move Point, L for Move Line, W for Pressure (Weight), C for connect lines, A for Angle Toggle, S for Select… I don't think I've forgotten any. The tools have lots of alternates you can access via the CTRL and ALT keys, so (for example) when moving points you can also add, delete and toggle them easily.

I almost never use my tablet when inking with SAI. You actually get better control and smoother curves using a mouse!
What sort of art are you into? I LOVE Oil Sticks for drawing/painting without having to use the messy paints. They come in a ton of colours too, and are really awesome for large-format drawings. Pick up some charcoal or conte sticks in different colours - white is the one I went through most often in adding negative space or highlights.

Find an art-supply store that sells for students and look there first before you look at expensive chain stores - you'll have much better luck and prices there!
I always remember sticks being very messy when I was young while paint being all goopy but less likely to get under the nails - no idea how accurate that is with oil sticks tho ^^ I really want to get comfy in more mediums but its hard to figure out where to start since there are so many options out there (most being rather expensive, lol) :D
Mmm, I was reading on formsrping and saw you're in Vancouver. If you can tough it out through the winter I promise it gets better! :P
Lol, yaaaay! I noticed the plants in front of the house are blooming so its officially spring, woot!