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Heroes - a new love

Alrighty so I bit the apple, watched the show online and hot damn, my Mondays are booked.

I just finished the last episode of Ouran today and was all WOE!Need-a-replacement and while Heroes does not fill the void for laughter in life...it does every freaking thing else.

I love supernatural stuff- superpowers, fantasy elements...Heroes feels like an X-Men meets reality kind of show. Its so normal yet brilliant.

And did I mention the cultural diversity that pwns everything on TV? Opening with an Indian dude, having a Japanes guy (speaking japanese and thereby including subtitles) absolutely ROCKED hardcore. Yes I've gone back to geek phase.

A Kitty Pryde mention? woot! The japanese culture was awesomesauce and all references to StarTrek were Geek!Love.

Claire FREAKED me out - I guess invulnerability + lack of ability to feel pain? When her fingers went ways they weren't supposed to *shudder* And I got majorly creeped by the Mirror!scenes which kind of remind me of Supernatural's Bloody Mary episode in a way >___>

Hiro was brilliant- brought in my love for anime and comics (X-MEN woot!) in so many ways...Mohinder was amazing - being Indian, his accent kind of makes me cringe but he's still rather cool :)

I'm hoping Peter is not just "connected" to his brother but can actually fly. It would majorly suck if it turns out he gonna be in his bro's shadow even now. Duos are superior to Hero+Sidekick. Just refer to the Winchesters.

I liked Ali Larter in final Destination so I was all !!!1! when I saw her- and Hayden Leslie is growing on me. Its been a while since I've actually *liked* the female characters on a show.

But Mohinder and Hiro own my heart for now. Me biased? Nah.

All in all I LOVE this show.

P.S - any comms/icons/multimedia/picspams/ANYTHING available?


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