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Harry/Draco Art

Am in a H/D art mood so here's a bit of random lovin' XD

One of my more recent favorite H/D artists - whose art has always managed to make me stop and stare in the past year or two - is reira_21. She works with different mediums (pen, watercolor etc.) but she always manages to imbue each piece with a unique brilliance.

Some of my favorites are Ice & Fire, Too Tender For The Air, A Journey and To Separate From Life. You can check out all her past work here.

My favorite H/D artist is hands down, red_rahl. First came across her art in 2005, which was the same year I got active on lj. What started out as spazzing over her fantastic H/D chibis has morphed over the years into a love affair with her art across pretty much all fandoms.

From her unique way of drawing chibis to the characterization and storylines in her comics - everything just clicks. Today, I can't think of Harry/Draco without thinking of her art.

Here are some art!picks from across the years:While her technique kept getting better over the years, her earlier work still makes me burst into smiles and just go all <3 Without her older!Draco, I wouldn't be half in love with the receding hairline that got added into the epilogue haha

Anyway, there's lots more on the rahly_furverted community (some locked to members for adult!content), including collabs with other talented artists (like myrafur XD **) and its definitely worth a look!

** edit: Ok, nearly ALL the awesome stuff done between the two are locked (so join!) except for Of Water and Moonlight

Another HP artist I really like but has yet to do ANY Harry/Draco is flayu on DA. She's one of the few artists over there who has no DA journal, no site or lj or blog. So all I can really do is sit back and appreciate the shiny art. Some examples of her work are Nineteen Years Later, The New Generation, LV & HP. For more pretty, check out her DA gallery

H/D art over the past year or two that caught my eye:+ one last HP art rec by tsulala (who is doing $10 sketch commissions at the moment btw!)

* lillithium is another artist whose talent just leaves me in awe - whether its work in pen, ink, watercolor or pencil, she's always got something pretty on her lj.
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