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Art: chibi harry doll (digital, colored)

Subject: Chibi Harry Potter doll
Rating: G
Program: Paint Tool SAI & PS CS3 for background

Hopefully will be able to make this a weekly thing :) Posted the sketch of this ages back and decided to try using Paint Tool SAI to ink and color it -here's the result:

Harry, learning the hard lesson not to steal from a wizard? XD I like the hair.
Eeee, that is so awesome! I guess the broom is supposed to be Draco's property, but I like thinking it's Harry himself. ♥
Eheheeeeeeee adorable! Love the X's for eyes - a repercussion of nicking Draco's broom, maybe? XD
That is super-sweet. For some reason I'm really tickled by the cross-stitching on the front of his robes!
So cute, and I laughed when I saw the "Property of Draco Malfoy" tag.
That is so unutterably adorable!

I am imagining that it's Draco's doll. Pansy got it for him, she's the one who made the name tag. :oD
Ahhh!!! Oh my god that is so cute I have no words. *Falls over dead from overcuteness*