Commish: Elizabeth Bennett

Thanks to my sister, I grew up watching the 1995 miniseries of Pride & Prejudice (starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy). Jennifer Ehle is Elizabeth Bennet in my brain and I adore her like mad.

So when sharona1x2 (♥) pointed out cacodaemonia to me, I felt the artist would do justice to my childhood love. And bloody hell, the result is beyond anything I expected:

click for bigger version:



Edit: y'all can leave the artist some love over here :D
She's insanely quick and so good with facial features *_* THANK YOUUUUUU *tackle glomps*
Awww I love that version of P&P too. In fact it's so perfect; besides the book of course it's the only version for me. :)
Same here - skimmed the movieversion with Keira but it was so off that I couldn't bring myself to watch it properly D:

God, I cannot even express the huge and embarrassing role that 1995 P&P played in my formative years of budding teenager-ness. Have you seen the 1980 TV series? That's really good, although rather dated. The Keira version was very pretty but otherwise rather stupid IMO. xD
OMG, yes, exactly. I might have seen the 1980 series but can't recall all too well. The Keira one still makes me shudder >_> But Colin Firth! Jennifer Elle! The whole cast was just AWESOME and gosh, so much LOVE :D
OMG ELIZABETH!!!!!!!!!SO EXCELLENT! ONE OF MY FAVE LIT. PERSON! That version is one of the best!
I think she's starring in the tv series version of "a song of ice and fire" but my brain will forever associate her with Liz Bennett :D