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Break, wee!

[001] Finally went ahead and did a quick and painless install of the Infinite Aion launcher and am now playing Aion for FREE \o/ Private servers FTW! If anyone wants to give it a try, the site has fast step by step instructions There are also guides for quick progress (free from levels 1 - 10) over here

[002] There was a big assignment recently where we had to transform ourselves into a deity or well known fantasy creature. Had a couple of ideas but in the end lack of time led to me just doing a photomanip of myself as a woodland faerie. Was happy things generally worked out even with the lack of creativity though ^^ Here's the final version:

[003] BREAK TIME, YAAAAAY - tomorrow I'm going to finally have time for my layout reboot \o/ Coding, woot! But first, a grocery trip for some fresh fruit :F

[004] Is it sad that when I see a rec on my flist for Draco/Dean, I immediately wonder about Draco Malfoy topping Dean Winchester? *FACEPALM*
Apparently it's not all that sad as that was exactly what I thought you were talking about before I read the whole sentence~
*relieved* haha maybe its just been so long that dean = SPN in my brain at all times ^^
- (Anonymous)
Thanks, that's my favorite part actually - used the tablet to draw individual strands for highlights and lowlights and stuff and it gave an interesting effect :3
[001] Is that private server PvP heavy? I'm not a huge fan of PvP, and I'm not keen on getting ganked either. Is it even possible to find a private server nowadays that doesn't have stupidly high rates and is reasonably populated? Hmmm.

[004] Deano does have pretty pretty eyes. And he IS usually the bottom in 90% of slash fic in SPN-verse :D
[001] Oh, not at all! I'm a PvE person myself and I found a guide @ Almar's Guide that show the ways after level 25 to progress without dealing with PvP at all :D :D The West End server reaches full capacity in the afternoons but all my chars are on the East server which is never full - there are always people around but its never crazy busy - just enough to sell extra booty one doesn't need at the end of the day haha

[004] I usually see Draco as a bottom too, except in maybe next-gen cross-gen slash? IDK, but its like that seen in Queer as Folk where the far eastern store owner couple ask each other if Justin and Michael could be a couple except they both look like bottoms XD So in this case, I can see frottage but not necessarily either one topping the other lolol
It's not because before I finish reading that, I immediately thought Dean Winchester. I can't help it if he's the more well known Dean!

I love your manip! You're a very pretty woodland faerie. :)
Hahaha, it seems that's the general consensus \o/ I think the HP world is slowly fading out of memory ): Plus Dean Winchester's hotness level is just so overwhelming (even with his expression in your icon hahaha)

<3 It's what I'd look like if I was thin, much taller and maybe had my sister's hair? I don't think that would all happen even in an AU world, lol.
Awww, thank you <3 The original image was super sexy and I kinda felt my expression was at odds with it, but it worked in a weird way haha XD
i really like your photomanip! and i was thinking the same thing when i read draco/dean.
[002] The photo manip is gorgeous *____*

[004] Well. That... sounds hot. LOL
Thanks so much <3 <3 It was very last minute so sat down and finished it off in 5 hrs - there are problems with it but figured what the hell XD

Now that I actually picture them together together.... :F