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It's warm again!

Now that LJ has changed the nav!banner and its gotten warmer in Vancouver, it just felt like it was time to switch to the brighter version of my userpic for the spring/summer XD

Can't help but wonder if anyone else does the same with a change of season - do y'all change icons or layouts to reflect your mood now that the weather is all bright and cheery (and you can't help feeling it) or does it depend more on celebrations and events in your life instead?

It's become such a norm to switch between a winter!icon and a summer version that I kind of never really focused on it >_>
Well, I never change my default icon but I do occasionally change the layout based on the mood or the season. I think I looked for something nice and flower-y or green last year for spring and I definitely find something festive around the holidays.
Noticed people either switch out their icons every few months or once a year or stick with the same icon they've had forEVAH - which I do get, since finding an icon you associate with yourself personally can be hard when switching out ^^
It's very rare that I use the default icon anyway so I just like it sitting there and saving me from having to think about picking a new one all the time x) Plus I like the consistency, I guess.
I change my default icon and layout due to mood. Speaking of, it's time for me to change my default icon to something cheery and brighter. :)
I usually don't bother, but right now my lj layout is pretty dark and it's so jarring going from to my friend's page that I think I might have to X_x
With the dark olympic!banner, it wasn't so obvious but now everytime I load my LJ I'm all "reboot! REBOOOOT!" haha XD
- (Anonymous)
Yeah, I get ya, I mean back in Dubai it was pretty much Super Hot to Cool and that was about it really for seasons, lol - not to mention teh scenery never really changed either *shrugs*

I LOVE YOUR LAYOUTS HARDCORE - seriously, if you ever decided to post old layouts on mintyapple or freelayouts, a lot of people who be fangirling/fanboying you like mad XD Your layouts are always so slick and shiny and well designed - definitely a step far above the general layout makers :3
- (Anonymous)
(oTдTo) ---> *imagining Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke XD*

I'll be the first to admit my coding is absolutely nuts but its still more as a hobby and hey, if people end up using and liking them, its all good :D

*tackle glomps* THAT IS AWESOME *A* Definitely recommend mintyapple though freelayouts is probably the biggest layout comm on lj maybe - still remember the first time I came across your lj (it was before discovering your art!) and couldn't help wondering at the shiny layout even back then haha XD
Wahahaha, you know what's funny? I read the title of your post (It's warm again!) and was like "hey, same here!" then I realised... you live in Vancouver, too! xD Walking the dog today I only worn a tank top. =3
Lol, yeah, just moved here in Jan! It seems to still be averaging arount the 10 degree celcius range though (am used to 10 to 20 degrees warmer by this time in the year so *shiver)