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Tech! Art! Opera!

[001] Changed my mood theme to a Sinfest themed set. I realized recently that I wasn't happy with the quality of pics in my old mood theme, which was why I never used it. Sinfest is always awesomesauce though, so it was easy to make the switch.

The only problem was that the file was down so in the end I saved the images via the lj preview page for the mood theme, renamed the files and then set it up - just didn't want to wait XD

[002] Thanks to the artist ravenskar's process vids on her tumblr, I decided to download Camtasia - would love to try it out at some point and post up the vid recording for viewing :D

[003] Am feeling better than I did at the start of the week though now it's that time of the month *headdesk* Still, am feeling less wiped : D

[004] Did some wikipedia research on sketching/painting programs for the laptop. In the end, I downloaded these and will be trying them out over the next few days:
So far I've tried Photoshop, SAI and Flash for lineart and SAI is definitely the best out of those three - however, no matter what program(s) I use, I know I'll be taking the final image(s) and doing final adjustment layers and filters in Photoshop.

[005] I can't believe its been 10 years since I started using the Opera browser - first switched from Internet Explorer in 2000. Can't recall if it was version 4 or 5 but I do remember being so relieved that I could open up over a dozen tabs for X-Men movie fanfics without my PC crashing hahaha

I'm probably most thankful for the lack of crashes over the years and the integrated email client which means never having to log in to gmail directly XD Anyway, I finally got around to two things today:
  • Tweaked my favorite Theta skin so it works with Opera 10.5 (posted it here if anyone wants to give it a whirl)

  • Right clicked, chose "Inspect Element"  and am in awe of the DOM + Stylesheet split screens - the DOM tree for quick reference to IDs and Classes and stylesheet on the right *LOVES*

    Not to mention clicking any class in the DOM tree will have a box drawn around the element on the web page AND auto-scrolling to the css part for it in the style sheet \o\o/o/. If it all works well, Opera Dragonfly will be waaaay better than Web Developer on firefox \o/

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