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LJ Header: April - Water Lillies

Posted my submission for the April LJ header contest to remixed, but it looks like its in queue. Figured I'd post it here in the meantime for possible fb

Wasn't sure what to submit but noticed that Lillies are the oficial flowers for next month and I kept thinking of April showers and water...which led to Water Lillies ^^

The final piece turned out more abstract in style though. Its kinda more about the mood April brings with it in a way...

Full Size Version  // Close up detail without logo

The close up view also shows the texture better since I wanted to give the illusion of actual paint on a canvas - sort of worked but those details do get lost in the shrinking :(

There are several entries already that are pretty awesome (some picks: 1 | 2 | 3) so while I doubt I'll come even close to winning, at least there's that $5 credit for participation, lol XD
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I really like it! :D Man, if I'd known this was going on I would have done something too. I've been feeling graphic-y lately and wanted to do something but couldn't figure out what.

How many days are left before you can't submit anymore? I might give it a try if there's time.
DO IIIIIIT XD If I've got it straight, then each contest closes at the end of the month, the polls go up at the start of next month and the winning header is implemented mid month for 30 days (till the middle of the following month) You have till Wednesday to whip something up :D
It's really prettyyyyy. I love the combination of the colours and the textures. Okay, you know I am trying to sound like I know what I'm saying when I just spouted bullcrap. But it's still very pretty. I hope it'll be picked so I can look at it whenever I log in. :D
<3 That was what I was going for - and never worry about that! I've always shied away from commenting on art since I never know anything useful to say but lately I've realized that...I just worry XD

I hope it'll be picked so I can look at it whenever I log in. :D

Most awesome comment EVAH XD
I love the transition from colour to colour. Can't wait to vote! :D
Glad you like that - played around with that till the end, tweaking the colors bit by bit :)
Lol, actual objects tend to have more visual focus than abstract so completely understand haha - not sure where LJ stands on using other people's work (photos or art) in submissions so probably should ask, just in case I submit something for next month :)