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Art and even more tech...

[001] Just discovered nemu-nemu and am floored by how cute the webcomic is <3

[002] Thanks to a certain film, there are dragons EVERYWHERE this weekend, but the most adorable one might be this one done by lokabrenna.

[003] For more insanely wonderful sketches and art, aidosaur's latest post is chock full of lovely art that made me all *A*

[004] Even MOAR artists to track: littlemute | steam_pilot | amei | fernblossom | phonixa | saharaam | tongari | wredwrat | oxboxer | silverhalo | arts

[005] It all started with DevArt (doesn't it always?) - found a bit of shiny that used a 3D program and went hunting for tutorials. Hit the motherload at InstantShift.com: 4D Cinema | Maya | 3D Studio Max | Illustrator | After Effects | CSS

There are also other sections on the site worth taking a look at - it reminds me of smashing magazine and tutsplus that way since it has both showcases and sections for stuff like fonts.

[006] On the topic of fonts, thanks to this post I want to try using font-face embedding in my LJ reboot. What is font embedding? Well check this page out for a visual example! If you're using the latest firefox, opera or safari browser, it should show properly :D

There are several places with fonts that are not only free but allow you to embed them online, such as here, here and most especially here.

Also, a nifty little site I discovered is WhatTheFont, for when you find a cool font being used and have no clue how to identify it.

[007] The site that actually started the forray into font embedding, InspectElement has great showcases of its own (like the one here) and some handy articles like Advanced Photoshop Techniques You Might Not Be Aware Of

[008] Someday I will get around to adding the Read It Later bookmarklet so I don't forget important posts ^^

[009] Played with Art Rage and Photoshop and whipped out some alternate submissions for April:

Full Size Version // Close up detail without logo

Full Size Version // Close up detail without logo

Full Size Version // Close up detail without logo

Full Size Version // Close up detail without logo

Full Size Version // Close up detail without logo

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