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Fandom icons FTW

When I first saw sharona1x2's icons, I couldn't help but laugh because they're hilarious and AWESOMESAUCE.

But they made me wish there were more icon makers (with slashy interests maybe too lol) who add words to their icons. Not the random bits of gobbledygook text, but more relevant to LJ and daily activities, like...


...or slashy/shippy interests XD

as well as the NWS, kinky proclivities MWHAHAHA

...and there's always room for humor :3

While these icon makers may not be all too frequent, when the icons do pop up, I can't help but flail :D

So I just wanted to point out that sharona1x2 posted her icons HERE in a public post so do head over to check them out :3
GW! That anime will always have a special place in my heart -- even if the only version I've seen was dubbed.

This was the anime that led me into the foray that is yaoi and slash. xDD
It really was one of the gems of the 90s :D And I remember looong before I got into slash, I would hear about that Gundam Wing show where the fandom was all yaoi XD MWHAHAHAHA