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New Anime coming up: Death Note and D. Gray-Man!

Now, If I were asked what manga I'd want to see desperately as an anime, it'd have to be the remaining volumes of Kare Kano (His & Her Circumstances). Failing that, I could worship the people who gave the go ahead for D. Grayman. 'Cause, omg, favorite manga out for me despite the mangaka getting ill and the series being on hiatus for a while. Then there's Death Note for which the movie I think, makes me a bit more bouncy- in any case, I'll only be watching *that* till a certain somebody dies...

But yes, D. Gray-Man. Hopefully it'll be good. As long as they stick to the manga it'll be good. Hell, I'm worried.

Eeek, Allen Walker!

Other shows I'm previewing: Black Blood Brothers, Busou Renkin, Code Geass, and I wish there was a second season of Ouran.

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