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Userpics, DS9 and Chloe Sullivan

[001] Wanna thank the peeps who voted in the icon poll yesterday - it was difficult, but updated my userpics with 26 new icons!

[002] The icon I'm currently using btw is of a painting by by Leonid Afremov - so many shiny colors *A*

[003] Note to self: check out nishizono's H/D fics

[004] I finally finished Deep Space Nine - it was easy to marathon in the background for the past few weeks, and the storylines generally flowed well. However, wasn't a fan of any of the female characters and my faves were actually the Ferengi! Talk about a curve ball >_> But Quark and his family made it all so worth watching XD

[005] DS-Hina added textures to my Zuko/Toph commish and I posted the new version here

[006] Am so very curious about Legendary, the fan appreciation site for Chloe Sullivan - its interesting 'cause I've actually been watching an episode here and there this season and am totally shipping Oliver/Chloe (I will not mention how many times I replayed the line "I like where this is going Romeo but you might want to put on some softer music" *embarassed*) and despite the character assasination that's been happening these latest two seasons, I still love Chloe D:

Anyway, spent a bit of time on the TWOP forums and found this:

"So, Chloe is basically acting like Batman now - pro-active, smarter than everyone around her, trusts no one, acting like a grey hat and carrying out overly complicated plans that will probably blow up in her face.

And Ollie, who owns LuthorCorp, gives Clark gifts when he needs them and acts with what might generously be called a certain moral flexibility, might be considered a stand-in for Lex in the early years of the show.

With those two statements in mind, Conspiracy, it could be argued, has Batman and Lex Luthor fucking, plotting against each other, and agreeing that Clark is a complete moron." - source

Oh internet, how I love you XD
LOL! No, but her son is an awful lot like Rom. :P

Quark was my favourite DS9 character. The actor also played one of the school principals on Buffy.
Awww :3

Same here and yeah, the moment I try to picture him out of makeup, I just see him as that evil!principal on BtvS haha - but he makes such an awesome Ferengi :D
I didn't know you were a Smallville person! I'd never seen it before, so I caught a couple episodes the other day. See, I'm a Superman girl to the core, but I'm not sure about how I feel about Smallville. What do you think of it? Tom Welling certainly is easy on the eyes, but I'm not sure how I feel about Superman 90210 + Monster of the Week. >.> Ironic considering Superman IS very Monster of the Week in the comics...but whatever. *L* I'm an odd picky person. ANYWHO, just wondering what your thoughts were. ♥ Love you!
I watched it when it first came out but after the first two or three seasons, interest ebbed until season 5 (still watched/marathoned episodes when bored though) where Chloe was back to being awesomesauce. The show is pretty much all about character love for me (and most people). Others tend to focus on Lex and Clark (slash ships FTW) but since Michael Rosenbaum left, not so much. I'm among the people, who, after Allison Mack leaves, will most likely never touch another episode of Smallville again.

It's got some interesting appearances from characters from the comics, but plot/storyline etc is pretty lacking and especially lately, Offscreenville (where you know there was a hell of a lot Lex/Clark in the earlier seasons and Oliver/Chloe this season) is much nicer to imagine really.

The worst part of the series has definitely been Lana Lang - she's one of the characters I'm glad is gone XD

Tom Welling as eyecandy works when he's got scenes with Michael and Allison because they're...well, frankly, better actors. I'm quite certain is it weren't for those two, the series would have tanked in the first few seasons.
I love Afremov's paintings. I keep thinking about buying one.
I think prints of them still get auctioned off right - those super HQ prints that normally cost loads >_>

But yeah, his colors and scenes are just so wonderful and mesmerizing - having multiple would probably be a color overload but one in the home seems like it would be be fabulous :3
It makes me happy that you adopted some of my icons, and that you read TWOP. I check there every day. I didn't think anyone on my flist was a reader there, too. ♥
Heee <3 Actually started spending way more time on TWOP last year 'cause of American Idol (still have the Allison Iraheta thread bookmarked and check it once in a while) but I've noticed that everytime I get back into watching Smallville, I need the commentary that only TWOP can provide to make sense of it all XD

Which sections of the site do you tend to frequent?
I sometimes read the forums at TWOP, but mostly I read the main page and the recaps. I like the snarky writing style. I also use their site to get to the entertainment news links.

I have a question for you! Kai Isolated is going to do another chibi pic for me. I want the guys in their flight suits. Do you have any suggestions for a pose? I can't think of anything specific.
Smallville is one of those shows where I think even teh reviewers have thrown in the towel to an extent and just give a blow by blow of what happens. Do wonder about the other shows though - the only current ones I'm watching I think are Big Bang Theory, Caprica, The Good Wife and V? Should see if they follow them :D

I'm kinda sad that Random Curiosity's Omni is done - its been such a norm to check it out every now and then, especially when a new season appears.

Flight suits ooooh *_* It would be cool to have a zero gravity piece with Duo and Heero floating.

If there were a prop, they could be repairing an external part of a ship (or it could be offscreen so what we're seeing is Duo and Heero travelling in zero gravity with a tool box - maybe Heero looking at schematics and Duo carrying way too many items, which, while not weighing anything, could mean there are one or two items floating away behind him)

The only other thing with flight suits is a scene from Voyager where two of the ship's crew were floating in space, holding each other while their oxygen ran out and were waiting (and hoping) to be rescued - kinda desolate for a chibi commission though D:

Maybe Heero overseeing Duo (with a gun) as the latter has to clear off an old sign he graffiti-ed on Wing (like "Shinigami's") or something else XD

Sorry, can't thing of much ^^
That's too bad about Random Curiosity. I don't go to it as often any more, but I used to like it a lot. I rely more on psgels at Star Crossed Anime Blog. His taste is fairly close to mine.

It would be cool to have a zero gravity piece with Duo and Heero floating.

Thank you for the great suggestion! That's what I ended up asking for. I requested Heero either holding onto something to keep him anchored, or else wearing magnetic boots. He's going to be holding onto Duo's hand, as Duo starts to fly away.

I had to keep it simple, since Kai doesn't really do backgrounds on pics.

Maybe Heero overseeing Duo (with a gun) as the latter has to clear off an old sign he graffiti-ed on Wing (like "Shinigami's") or something else

I have to keep that in mind for the future. That would be great! In fact, I may ask Java about doing that one. She's got the right sense of humor for it.

Thanks for all the help you've given me!!!
Is it sad that the first thing I thought when loading Star Crossed Anime was "OMG LJ CUT PLZ"? Since I'm usually behind on anime, would probably need a blog that has general impressions front and center before the details hahaha

Oooh, yay, glad that worked! And the hand!holding lifeline thing is rather fab :3

MWHAHAHAHA I don't know how Duo could resist, no matter the repercussions XD
I think it's soooo amazing how far the Legendary project has come. I can't wait to see it finished!! *eeeee*
Same here! Though on one hand I wish we didn't have Oliver/Chloe hand in hand with the character assassination - maybe they really are trying to distance her from Clark so they can write her off more easily but still ;_; In any case the Oliver/Chloe chemistry has me so hooked, that I'm watching it anyway just for them >_>
*squeals at #3* Yes! Do that! Except also look around her journal elsewhere, because they're not all tagged, I don't think. :)
Ooooh, thanks for the tip! The HP fandom has been beckoning me back with so much shiny fic and now that I'm no longer going nuts with RL, have a bit more time to maybe enjoy some of it MWHAHAHA

Oh and love the icon *runs off to find the art*
It's thilia, I think. :) Aw, happy kissing!H/D. See my Nishi rec of a few days ago, too! It's fabulous (and not tagged, I don't think, rar!)

Am so glad you're still in/back in HP! And still interested in that threesome, lol. As much as I'm sure you're worried about me flaking out on it, I've been worried you wouldn't be in HP anymore or into nextgen or whatever by the time I finish! Oi.
I'll most likely have her fics in one tab and crosschecking them with your recs in another tab so I know which to try first :D

That's happened with a few fandoms which started out strong but quickly slumped (Supernatural is the obvious example) but I think for H/D, am still keeping an eye out for favorite authors and stuff for future reading. Draco will always be close to my heart - he's one of a handful of characters who can always make me return to their respective fandoms (Rogue, Chloe, Dean etc.)

Rare pairs like James/Teddy/Scorp and James/Scorp will always get me running back (especially if they're by fave authors like you hahaha)

On the other hand, would love to read Avatar fics focusing on my OTP, but don't think there'll ever be any fab writers in that fandom who'll be into older!Zuko/Toph. That's one pair that's probably damn hard to write tho.