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The worst day of the year

[001] It's April Fool's Day and I'm prepared to hate the world. Though am so gullible I'm sure to get fooled more than once over the course of the day. This is one day I wish I could fast forward through TBH

[002] Never really found a program to calibrate my monitor properly over the years (even for my old laptop) so I 've always been resigned to using LCD laptop screens that are dull and desaturated. Well, no more!

I kinda eyeballed the settings while watching Cross Game across dual display screens until the colors matched. Now its as if I got a brand new laptop screen \o/

[003] The new anime seasons starts today, WOOT! If y'all are looking for dates and stuff for the new series coming up, Random Curiosity lists them on this post

[004] Note to self - check out:[005] I saw How To Train Your Dragon and while I enjoyed it, it did feel kinda choppy - which makes sense, considering they overhauled and rewrote the storyline this last year >_> Still, it was fun - Toothless was awesome \o/

[006] Its going to take years of practice to get anywhere with my art. However, comparitively, I find it much easily to work from references (photos for drawing sketches) and even better is taking a photo and painting over it (which can really work with enough effort). The sad thing is, I've never really viewed photomanips as art in the traditional sense.

I think my favorite ones haves always been by artists who can sort of blur the line between whether its a photo or a high quality painting. I think I'll try doing a test run with a stock photo in the next week or two and see where it leads me.

[007] Long overdue but have finally closed my american paypal acct - no more online purchases ;_; In the long run, I know its a good thing, but it still doesn't stop me from feeling all mopey. Commissioning artists is what I splurge on and now, I'm pretty much done D:

[008] Was wndering if anyone has played ANY of these games: The Last Remnant | Archlord | Atlantica | Darkensang | Avencast | Pirates of the Burning Sea | Risen | Jade Empire | Fable | Pirates

Aion and Guild Wars have kinda spoilt me when it comes to eye candy and graphics, but I still want to give one of the above titles a try - just don't know which is worth it.
Since you know it's April Fools you will be more on your guard though :)

I already got tricked once was a pretty pathetic one though (I would share but it wouldn't make sense unless you know the person).
Luckily, this time round, only got hit with the DA Llama thank goodness! I think the Rickroll will linger on as the best April fools event in internet history though ^^
lskdjsoirjlfkgj OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG JEM ICON. JEM ICON. *flails uncontrollably over her childhood*

/dies now
That was my reaction when I first saw the art - PERFECTION OMG *A*

Jem was such a big part of my early years - would actually look forward to waking up (god forbid) before school.

Oh childhood, how I miss you - everything was so happy and easy then.
I'm a lurker but...

Jade Empire is seriously one of my favorite games of all time. I've replayed it dozens of times and even though I know the storyline like the back of my hand, I still love it. The world is gorgeous and the characters are so memorable. If you ever get the chance, you should give it a try! :)
Read a lot of great things about JE online but the age of the game held me back (worry about the graphics) - but you convinved me *hugs* Will be trying it out, thanks!