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Hair cut advice?

After my morning shower I blow dried my hair and took two photos:

I tried for a non-expression which just managed to look weird >_>:


I've had short hair since I was born (always above the shoulders) and as a child it was an upside-down bowl haircut which I had all the way untill my teens *shudders*

The hair is limp and pretty lifeless, unlike my sister's which has really fab waves and volume. Can't do much with my hair in that sense - the bonus is probably low maintanence?

However, I have to get a haircut every two or three months since when it goes past my shoulders, it looks exactly like giant dog ears D: And since my neck is short, it pretty much disappears under the hair at that point.

Ultimately I have two cuts: the graduated layered bob and the reversed/inverted bob. Sometimes, I'll throw in a regular angled bob like in the photo, especially when I need a quicky!cheap cut.

Would love to grow my hair but have no idea what kind of a cut would work with 1) limp hair without volume 2) round face 3) short neck >_>

Though if there's nothing that works then maybe a third medium/short haircut I could switch to, in between the aforementioned cuts. Would appreciate any advice :3
- (Anonymous)
Oh to have volume *A* I think bobs were meant for people with limp noodle hair XD They all chic and bouncy and no one realises how dead our hair can look haha

Have wanted to try perming my hair at least once but shied away from the chemicals and the regrowth issues - was it a hassle managing it?
- (Anonymous)
Nah, the boobage = impromptu pillows for cats XD

That actually sounds pretty good since if I do grow the hair out and it looks like dog ears again, a perm would definitely give a new look without loosing all those months of hair growth immediately :D Eeeee, thankyou *glomps*
Jumping in to say that I have always wanted to try a perm but have been too chicken to do it! How long do you reckon hair needs to be before considering a perm? How tight were the curls you had?

Hi btw, we've never met. xD
I understand your pain regarding all three of your problems - limp hair, short neck, and round face! I think you should try growing your hair long and see how you manage with it - I currently have hair a few inches past my shoulders with a lightly feathered blunt fringe, and I love it - makes my face look slimmer by making the hair NOT follow the curvature of my cheeks (as a bob tends to do) and adds the illusion of a longer neck. I'm currently on a mission to grow my hair as long as it will go as an experiment of sorts, haha.

The downside is that it's a pain to wait for your hair to grow past that awkward middle stage, and if you're not happy with a fringe, you'd have to wait for it to grow out, haha.

Good luck! ^_^
Oooh, what length is the fringe? I've had side-bangs that hit my cheekbones a year or two back but anything much shorter and they'll constantly get in my eyes when growing em out (I've written off forehead length!fringes since the upside!down bowl cut)

Am trying to visualise the flow of hair not following the cheeks but not quite working with the image of limp hair lol


My fringe is at eyebrow level, so I can brush it to the side or comb it blunt and straight. It does require regular self-trimming in front of the mirror though, haha.

As for limp long hair, yes that's an issue, but it depends how your hair behaves when it's longer. My hair actually has a slight wave when it's longer (despite being limp and thin) and I had no idea it would do this until I *actually* grew out my hair. xD It also of course depends on if the slimming illusion of longer hair is more pleasing to you, or if you like the hair to look short and thicker. :D

You have LOVELY hair!

I'm not expert in haircutting structure, but I can say this: if you're in Paris, I'll take you to my hairdresser, who's a GENIUS. (I suspect you need layering to give it more volume.)
Eee <3 If your hairdresser had a work email, I'd totally message her asking for advice XD

Always try to get layering in but as a bob!cut grows out, the style starts to drag and weigh down and the style gets bottom heavy :( Always an issue at this point - would love volume without losing length - probably need to find a type of haircut that adds in layers on the top, while leaving the bottom layers longer/the original length
Perhaps long blunt cut with a lot of layers. Once it is longer you could try blow drying it upside down and the layers will be voluminous. Sort of like this Danneel Harris has sort of very straight fine hair.
Ooooh *A* I like that - plus she also has cheek length bangs sometimes, to frame the face and that could definitely work with the layers to balance the face - thankyou so much <3 Definitely a style that could work well :3
I have the same shape face and short neck, but aside from a horrifying year with the infamous bowl (is it a rite of passage, do you think?), I've always had my hair long, in a ponytail.

It doesn't work for you?
The bowl cut should be left to horror shows and creepy cartoons >_<

I know my hair up in some sort of updo would work as long as I have enough hair in the front as side bangs to frame my face - however, have never grown my hair long enough to actually be able to keep it up at the back (the bottom layers tend to be pretty short) and the low ponytail doesn't really work :( The other issue is that as soon as its loose - the dog ear issue. Though just found a Daneel Harris haircut with a sort of slight perm (piccy) that might actually combat that...
I feel your pain. I have limp hair and it lacks volume. It also doesn't go the way I want it.

I like the graduated bob. It's really cute. The reversed bob seems to suit people with a more angular face. Still, you can try to grow out your hair longer to see how it goes or get a fringe. I have one to hide my giant forehead. lol. Kidding aside, just try one. You'll be surprised at the difference.

I've always wanted curls but due to my limp hair, I can't get any.
Yeah! If not for the bob!cuts the hair wouldn't curve around the jaw so I'd need to take out the blowdrier to get it all in the right direction >_>

The reversed bob shows more neck so I'm usually able to let it grow out for a longer period of time before cutting it :D The shortest I'm willing to go for bangs though are the cheeks (still remember what a nightmare it was growing out the fringe in my teens D:)

Gonna grow the hair and once the dog ear issue is more apparent, I'll try get some more layering in and cheek length bangs for framing the face :D Hopefully that will let the longer style work till I can get a perm (less curls, more waves?)

I knoooooow, every time I try to add in some, nothing ever stays in!
You don't have to grow our fringe. Ask them to snip off some ends of your hair to give you cheek fringes. Actually, I have no idea if you have to grow it out. Mine is a layer cut so I do have cheek fringes.

I think short hair is more high maintenance as you have to style it or it won't look right. Longer hair means you can pull it into a ponytail during bad hair days.

Right, right? I slather on goop to style or curl it and half an hour later the curls all came undone and I'm left with noodle hair.
I have hair similar to yours and a similar face/neck. I keep it in layers with bangs - you can see a recent photo from about 2 weeks ago at my journal. The back is longer and the front being layered really helps keep my neck from disappearing. :)
Oooh that's gorgeous! Do you know the name of the style? I love the layers towards the bottom and the way the hair can go in or out at the end and still look fabulous (once my hair its the shoulder, without a blow-drier I look like a bell, with all of the hair kicking out instead of in >_>
Can I switch hair with you? I love how yours looks. The color and texture are so nice. You can gladly have my volume and curls. ^____^
OMG, your curls are fabulous *__* Mine is low management, but being unable to put in gels/curls or ANYTHING that stays, really want to change it up - my sis has the wavy hair and she still has the option to flatten it out with her hair straightener >_>
Hey there :)

My vote would go to the "reversed/inverted bob". On the link you posted i went down and saw Hayden Panettiere sport the reversed/inverted bob and she has the same points as you mentioned 2) round face and 3) short neck and this cut looks great on her... what her hairdresser has done is give her an irregular layering that doesn't frame her face in one smooth line. Plus she also has a side fringe that makes her face look less round. In my opinion, the inverted bob gives a bit of an illusion of volume and will make your neck look longer 'cos at the front it hides the neck and at the back it exposes it.

All the best! :)