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Long post is long...

[001] dharmavati posted the most awesome Toph icon EVER to her userpics- srsly, in the history of avatar!icons, it stands heads and shoulders above the rest MWHAHAHA XD Oh and the idea came from this post on tumblr :D

[002] Have narrowed down my font choices for embedding in my reboot!layout:If anyone would like to try font embedding on their own LJ/DW layouts, adela_nightmoon posted an awesome tutorial here @ medea_complex :3

[003] phoenixa has been posting Secret Garden fanart ( 1 | 2 | 3 ), and I can't help remembering how much I loved Mary Lennox as a kid ♥

[004] While DS-Hina converted me me to my first gender-bender OTP (Male!Hancock/Female!Luffy in One Piece), I now have a second one!!!

This time its in Avatar - it's male!Katara/female!Aang - you can see them together towards the end of this fabulous Art!meme - male!Katara is smoking hot *fans self* And bald!female Aang would kick ass hardcore!

[005] goddesspharo is a genius at film casting - proof is this picspam for Batman: Hush. Chistina Hendricks as Poison Ivy and Amanda Seyfried as Harley Quinn in particular, are absolute perfection *_*

[006] Cacodaemonia posted about the 12 Week Challenge @ (+ the clubhouse for participants)

I'm thinking of jumping in since it'll mean improving my (admittedly limited) illustration skills. I think what convinced me were these mythical beasts done for last year's challenge :D

Also, note to self: sketch more often

[007] If I do manage to do the first 8 weeks of the challenge it might be worth paying for a month in the online visual literacy program during the last four weeks. Still, wish there were other online video tutorials in art that wouldn't cost $45 a month to view >_> Will keep an eye out for alternatives...

Anyway, two posts of interest for artists and the like: Compulsion or Discipline & As Goes the Economy, So Goes The Career

[008] I would KILL for Avatar!meta, particularly focussing on the characters and their relationships and stuff. Some links that made me spazz:[009] While I'm checking quite a few anime shows this seasons, am also reading the reviews of Zac Bertschy and Rebecca Bundy at ANN for any surprise!hits. This is probably 'cause I agreed whole heartedly with their reviews of Heroman and Kaichou wa Maid-sama ^^

[010] Have made a few new syndicated feeds from anime!blogs discovered via tricianna's blog roll. Some posts which stood out:
  • Summer Wars: Feel good hit for the summer - saw the movie at the start of the year and enjoyed it a whole lot :D

  • Cross Game 50 - yes, exactly, NO WORDS. Definitely my favorite title by Mitsuru Adachi. Its such a visual treat too, with beautifully realistic backgrounds combined with his signature style for the characters. It helped keep the focus on the people and the relationships - which is what sports anime really are all about :3

  • In support of sports anime and Hajime no Ippo - I adore sports anime and this post rings so darn true to me <3

  • Cross Game, Touch and Feminism in Japan - found myself nodding a lot during this post. It made me realise exactly why I've enjoyed the Cross Game manga and anime so much, despite having read Touch, H2 and so many other titles by the mangaka.
[011] Damn it, went over ten points D: Still, have to say this:

Anton Yelchin as Tim Drake? O_O I can't tell if this idea is horrible or beautiful but I can't get it out of my brain.
The Robins were the only ones that had me going o_O Kinda see them kinda...IDK, older and less boy-ish?