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So many new shows, not enough time...

[001] Via lunylucy: the boys from The Big Bang Theory in drag! - Raj is totally rocking that Cat Woman outfit XD

[002] I had no idea there was another Discworld movie in the works! Going Postal airs on Sky One at the end of May...though I wish it were out already TBH - Discworld movies have a charm of their own.

[003] Got around to seeing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland last week but since then, I've actually been thinking more about the Syfy version instead (old reviews here and here) - while that one didn't have the joy that is Johnny Depp, it did manage to provide much food for thought and was very interesting.

Tim Burton has a very unique visual style but I'm not really super crazy about it (too much death and decay? IDK). In any case, haven't really spent as much time thinking back about the story as I do with the SyFy version which took so many creative and unique directions with the source material.

[004] For budding animators or just artists who'd love to try their hand at animation, I stumbled onto TV Paint which was the software Loish used for her animation short Trichrome Blue. It led to the site's movie gallery and this particularly awesome video that had me all flaily: Joust

Done completely in black and white sketches, its a fabulous little short that has everything I like: fantasy, action and DRAGONS :3 Plus there the bonus of a pretty neat musical score to accompany the visuals :D

[005] I stopped watching Doctor Who back in 2008 - watched series 3 with Martha and by the end of that season, I realised I was going through the motions. I'd loved the interaction between Nine and Rose as an intro to the fandom and really enjoyed series 2 when Ten first came an board (he was so different!) but never really bothered to check out a single episode when Donna got on board (well apart from the special, Runaway Bride) since I'd gotten burnt out with series 3 by then.

It wasn't until I saw Eleven did I realise how much I missed the Doctor.It helps that the special effects have sort of improved and that there's a gorgeous new logo (+ alt). Not to mention Amy is awesome XD

But yeah, Matt Smith is perfection as the Doctor - BEST CASTING EVER \O/

Now that the spark is back, think I'm going to go and watch series four finally :D

[006] Watched the first two episodes of Korean drama Cinderella's Sister (mainly 'cause of the pictures from here and here) and I'm happy to say that the description on drama wiki actually seems completely off.

The wiki!description is like a gimmicky ploy to try to get people to tune in to the drama...and then when they watch it,its like, hey, this is a LOT different from your run of the mill Cinderella type story o_O. I'm very interested to see how it plays out and am happy that two episodes air each week :D
I stopped watching Doctor Who after season 3. I'm not actually a fan of Ten. I know, it's sacrilege! ^__^ Eleven has brought me back into the series. I'm loving him and Amy so far. It's nice to care about the show again, since I've been a Doctor Who fan (on and off) for 30+ years.
Wooow, 30+ years ^o^ Who are your favorite doctors?

I still love Nine though Eleven might be tge iconic Dr Who in my brain in future XD I warmed up to Ten 'cause of the romance angle between him and Rose kinda all went to hell? So IDK, Nine and Eleven are tops personally :3 Never thought it could take just one episode to fall back in love with a fandom, but there ya go :D
I've seen everyone except Seven and Eight. My favorite is still Five, even though Four was my first. I also like Six (who nobody else seems to like) and Nine. One, Two and Three were pretty good, but not my favorites.

My favorite female companion is Sarah Jane Smith. I loved Romana I and Martha, and I probably would have liked Donna if I'd seen her season. I have a fondness for Adric among the male companions, mainly because I was around his age when I was watching the show. ^_^

I have a feeling I'll like this season mainly because of the change from Russell T Davies to Steven Moffat. Steven Moffat's writing appeals to me way more more than RTD's!
I enjoyed both Alices but I think I had more fun with SyFy's version :x
Series 4 is wonderful! Donna is possibly my favorite companion (though Rose of course will always be special). So good!
I watched a couple episodes of Dr Who but it didn't appeal to me until now. Ye gods, if I didn't see how cute this new Doctor is and how adorable the redheaded girl is, I wouldn't be tempted to watch it.
This is like the fourth endorsement of Cinderella Unni I've seen on my flist! I need to check it out, esp. if it goes out of the way of the usual Cinderella story. :) Did you watch with a download or at an online site?
1. I thought that was going to be a fanart, but no. They are actually in superhero costumes. I like... :)

3. I think I'm going to check out that SyFy series! (eventually >.>)

6. Ahh, now I'm intrigued about the kdrama (I've been in a j/kdrama mood of late). Tempted once more by you! :D