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How do you find/pick/use icons?

When I first ventured into the scary place known as LJ, I'd do this guerilla-type searching for icons. If I liked an icon someone was using I'd raid their userpic section. Actually, come to think of it, I still do that.

Then I began to find the peeps whose icons kind of "defined" a fandom for me - carmendove for SPN, literati for HP, duskicons for SV etc.

Recently there've been a surge in Fandom Quality Icon communities. They claim to accept only the creme de la creme of icon makers and I must admit, when I don't obssess over a fandom's icons, I don't mind being picky- good_hpicons for instance is a lifesaver for a fandom with way too may icons.

There is still the odd icon journal or two which I stalk for gorgeous icons - timorousbeastie for instance- and the fandom icon communties that allow ANYTHINGOMGTOOMUCH - supernatu_icons, super_graphics, stickettes etc.

But I think the top three which I could not live without are basicbases [for true hidden treasures], animeicons [for all my anime needs], and takenote_icons [for the best of the best and for ALWAYS having new blood coming in].

But how the hell do I figure out what icons to pick? In the end I decided that while pretty is as pretty does, I wanted stuff that resonated with me -stuff that *emotes* what I was feeling like "omgSQUEE" even if it didn't expressly say it. So yeah, I think message and the vibe I get makes the decision.

What about y'all?

P.S- My current icon means "look at ME! I want your attention!!! I'm making a statement and you can't do anyth- omg don't hate me"
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