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Red Garden, Art and Perry Moore

[001] HELP! NAME THE FACE: 1 | 2

[002] Rewatched Red Garden and discovered there was a follow up OVA released and it is crazy awesome. Its a shame there's only one single fanart on DA that makes me go \o/

[003] Wish there were actual original slash fic focusing on gay super hereos ala Hero by Perry Moore. Though I'm super psyched the author has been writing a sequel and has a whole series mapped out \o\o/o/

[004] Recent DevART faves:[005] Also, here are some of my fave photos of Racebending supporters from WonderCon: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

[006] Deadpool makes me so happy.

[007] Note to self - check out: ConceptArt | CGHub | ImagineFX | Online Manga University | CG Society

[008] Three days to go for Photoshop CS5!!! There's are better brush tools (more like Painter) so it would be possible to do more matte painting type stuff with photos, WOOT! Plus the warp!mesh options look so much better. More info, short vids and posts are at CS5.org

[009] I'd love to see artists take some art styles/techniques by friends/peers who inspires them and use elements/techniques that are different from those in their usual sand box. Maybe its use of color or composition or a heavier focus on linework (or lack thereof). It would be way to pimp out favorite artists while also changing things up too :D
I remember seeing the promos for it in highschool and being all *A* but never getting to play it D:

Hahaha - love twisted/fractured fairytales and shows (still remember that super freaky Totoro one on DA that gave me the heebie jeebies) - though I admit I loved seeing human!TMNT being kinda shippy (Leo/Raph and Michael/Donatello) :


Aww, thank you <3 Its always so spammy and I know most people probably just scroll past but...can't resist ^^
Okay .. okay, that was hot. I can totally do human!tmnt. Just not .. you know .. turtle!tmnt slash pronz. *bleaches eyes*

You should totally play the game if you ever get the chance! 108 characters! Though not all of them are playable, which I didn't know when I got it. xD But it's my fav. rpg to date and I still have it and play it every now and again. And I totally ship some of the characters. xD