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Edmund & Draco - sketch commissions

Tsulala did a hundred sketch commish pieces and while I didn't manage to get on that list, she was super nice enough to add me to the x-list at the end.

Y'all might recall that Cacodaemonia did a fabulous two tone piece focussing on Edmund Pevensie

This sketch is sort of a companion piece to that one, and slightly emphasizes Skandar Keynes' portrayl of Edmund - the face in particular makes me all <3:

Edmund Pevensie

The second piece is sort of a dream!commish, since I've had this idea of a futuristic!Draco Malfoy for years - instead of Quidditch, he fixes up a hovercraft and ends up racing, first as a hobby and later as a job in his early twenties. Quidditch still exists mind you, and Harry is a big name in it. It's just that, in this AU 'verse for a number of reasons Draco goes a different route.

The first time the two meet is while posing for spreads in a charity sports calendar, Harry on his broom and Draco on his hovercraft.

I've always loved 'verses which could incorporate magic and science together so this was sort of the result of that.

Anyway, gave the artist several refs and Tsulala captured it wonderfully IMO:

Futuristic!Draco Malfoy

Those turned out super nice! She does beautiful work.

I can't wait for her to send me my sketches. They've apparently been done for a while, but she hasn't emailed them yet. *is getting anxious*
I think she might not have scanned and cleaned all the pieces - that's what she said in her email about the delay ^^ Really love her line work though so can't wait to see which of the scenarios she ended up choosing for yours *_*

That Draco is killer. I'm randomly digging the boot, and the knee going into it. Just great lines. all around.
- (Anonymous)
They look amazing. Edmund is beautiful. Draco and his hovercraft are intriguing. That so needs to be a fic XD
(here through hd_fanart)

These are beautiful... Do you have any idea what Tsulala's policy is on colouring? I can't draw, but I love to colour things and thye both jsut scream 'colour me!' in my head...

Weird question, sorry...
Emailing her might be the best option actually. I'm not sure about sketch!commissions...though they are meant for personal (and non-commercial use) so, it should be alright for coloring IMO...
Thanks! And I sent her an e-mail just to be safe. Also, if she says yes I will send you an e-mail with them coloured it you would like!
Oh, he is lovely! *drools* And what a very interesting premise. *is intrigued*