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Picspams and a note

[001] It's kinda ironic that the week Supernatural hit a new low, Smallville actually aired what was probably the best epiosde of the entire season so far (though my expectations are usually low to begin with).

Yet, I continue to watch Supernatural in the hopes of getting one of those increasingly rare episodes that reminds me of the fabulousness of the first season. At least I had Oliver/Chloe lovin' to distract me from SPN suckage...

[002] Allison Mack getting added to the cast of Reise the series now has me determined to watch the web show - especially if Allison looks this hot in costume *_*

[003] Somehow I missed these two GW fanart pieces Ponderosa did. I've noticed this hapens a lot - there are a number of artists I adore, but their blogs and posts (off of DevART) fly completely under the radar in most cases (especially if they're on blogspot).

Am determined to list out the various blogs and add ones I find shiny to my syndicated feeds. At least that way this won't keep happening.

[004] Some other artists to track: kajoi | naniiebim | jelloshot | anikakinka | sairobi's art tag | coffeekinns (who did some lovely sketches here)

[005] naniiebim is posting pages of her hillarious comic Mephistos daily: 1 - 6 | 7-12 | 13 - 18 | 19 - 24 | 25 - 30 | 31 - 38

innevata also posted some previews for her own comic \o/: 1 - 12 | 13 - 19

[006] If those previews make you want to go hunting for comics online, fernblossom is pimping her favorite webcomics - and even doing fanart of them! Linkies to the pretty posted so far: Evil Diva | Flipside | The Meek

[007] Another LJ I've begun tracking is zombres, who might actually be even more link spam happy than I am MWHAHAHAHA

[008] Got sucked in by the shiny on picspammy

some picks from the comm:

  • [ linky ] Hana Yori Dango: The Bollywood Casting

  • [ linky ] 10 reasons why legend of the seeker is so totally like a high school AU

  • [ linky ] 5 Teenage HBICs I Love

  • [ linky ] 50 Gorgeous Knitting Patterns

  • [ linky ] The Twelve Olympians Casting

  • [ linky ] Reasons Why You Should be Watching The Big Bang Theory

  • [ linky ] 50 Sheldon Cooper Scenes

  • [ linky ] 5 simple reasons to love Fringe

  • [ linky ] Comparing Rose and the Ninth Doctor to Beauty and the Beast

  • [ linky ] 50 Favorite Characters

  • [ linky ] 50 of the coolest places I've been & things I've seen - this picspam made me realise I didn't go on enough road trips in USA >_>

  • [ linky ] 50 Favorite Actresses - particularly enjoy the focus on Europe

  • [ linky ] 50 Favorite TV Characters

  • [ linky ] "50"... my fav european actors

  • [ linky ] Classic Hollywood

For general "favorite character" picspams though, I've noticed certain trends across posts:
  • There's a general lack of POC characters - have yet to find much focus on asian dramas for instance, or international non-english cinema. SUBTITLES CAN BE AWESOME, FOLKS, SRSLY

  • The focus is on a relatively young crowd - usually people currently under 30 but very often in the early 20s - lots of fresh looking faces, which made me wonder about older peeps of awesome...

  • Non-live action characters are very under-represented - there are nowhere as many picspams focusing on anime/animated/comic characters (that don't have live action representations at least)

  • Sort of more skewed towards western prime time television and genre specific stuff (particularly fantasy/scifi in some cases) - am curious about the posibility of picspams focusing on say,favorite comedies, or maybe even mini-series (like the many Jane Austen ones) for something different. IDK.
[009] Everyday is defriending amnesty day here - so if you're sick of scrolling past the link spams, seriously not going to take it personally.

Fandoms and interests change and considering how short my attention span can be in some cases, things aren't always going to click with others. If you've been feeling increadingly disconnected over the posts here, defriend away.

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