Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Witchblade, HDM, Dr Who and picspams...

[001] I had watched the first two episodes when they first aired back in 2007, but only just marathoned and finished the Witchblade anime today.

Normally, its safe to assume that scantily clad women with big boobs are indicators of a complete lack of plot in anime but it wasn't the case here. In fact, it was actually pretty good, especially during the later half (particularly with the relationships, like the mother/daughter one) and the plot in some ways worked better for me than a lot of the recent huge anime!hits so...\o/

Totally unexpected TBH. In a way it was like the writers tried to come up with something that looked past all the overtly sexual costume designs and got something more focused on family and relationships instead. Definitely approve. There was something so much more personal about Masane's fights towards the end, with an eye towards Rihoko and even Takayama.

[002] Managed to snag the radio!versions of His Dark Materials - in some ways the three BBC radio broadcasts are almost better than films, because there's a whole cast and great sound effects so it's much better than regular audio books and sometimes the imagination can be so much more powerful when it comes to creating visuals. If anyone would like to listen, PM me :D

[003] I'll be honest: if a Naruto movie were made and the majority of the cast was white, I'd definitely want to DESTROY something.

[004] On the other hand, this Period vs Modern picspam by dharmavati which covers both asian and western TV and cinema across different periods is AWESOMESAUCE. :3

[005] Finally watched season 4 of Doctor Who with Donna and all the guest appearances of Martha, Jack, Rose et all. Glad I waited so long, since it became less personal and a much lighter fare overall. It was an entertaining ride since the old seasons were a bit of a blur. Though when Rose did come on the scene I just kinda went all <3 since whatever her issues, she, I don't know, she makes me smile.

It's indescribable and probably happens to everyone who has a DW companion who really clicks for them. For me, she just had to say a few lines to Donna and it was like wearing an old favorite jacket that just fits. Want to watch Season One now with Nine :3

Still, Donna grew on me (and while I hated how it ended with her, guess there wasn't an easier way to write her out). Martha and Mickey was pretty awesome as was Jack and Alonso lol. The last few minutes of David Tenant in End of Time though was a bit heartbreaking, especially when he says, "I don't want to go" ;_;

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