* yay!

Finished Codex Alera...

Finally read First Lord's Fury (Book 6 and also the final installment in the Codex Alera) and it was glorious.

The final battles reminded me of the LOTR movies (particularly the battles at Rohan and Gondor) and it was all incredibly EPIC. At the same time, the character interaction and development had me pumping my fist in the air, laughing out loud and at othe times blinking back tears.

Add to that, meta!moments focussing on human nature and even Tavi (from the perspective of other characters) and the final book got me all bouncy. Each character really had moments of brilliance *hearts* Really love the world building in the series.

In some ways, can easily see this as a multiplayer online RPG game, with campaigns and close up video!scenes focusses on key character moments :3

Of course, there'd probably need to be movies before that, lol - or better yet, a mini series or a TV show on showtime or HBO (hey, if True Blood could get one, Codex Alera deserves one >_>)

Anyway, fantastic read, all round <3
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