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...I think what pisses me most is that Tina constantly gets sidelined, even when compared to several recurring characters, including Britanny. As much as I enjoyed Mercedes and Kurt's latest performance, a part of me was infuriated that the characters could bitch about the lack of solos when Tina and Artie are pretty much token minority characters in so many scenes, ARGH.

I mean all we've got is a deliberately butchered Tonight and a pretty good True Colors. I wish they'd give her a chance to do more - Jenna can definitely sing, as one can tell from her Spring Awakening audition song performance.

I admit I tend to skip Finn and Rachel's duets. Rachel has a good voice but I really wish she was accompanying ANYONE other than Finn *repeatedly headdesks* - and maybe less in the limelight in every single frickin' song? An episode without those two singing has the potential to be SPECTACULAR. I'm more interested in Quinn's singing than Rachel's at this point. Please PTB, let Rachel and Finn get food poisoning in an episode and sit it out (though somehow I bet the whole cast will end up visiting them and it'll still be the Rachel and Finn show >_>)

Anyway, loved Vogue (Sue was FABULOUS), 4 Minutes (Kurt was frickin' billiant) and Like a Prayer (always been a fave) - and actually want to get those mp3s, which is a first for Glee TBH

I think my fave girls are probably Tina and Santana, while I have yet to go <3 for any of the guys, except Kurt.
Haven't watch this week's episode yet but WORD. I get so fed up at Rachel and Finn or Rachel singing for every single episode. What are the rest? Chopped liver?

Though, I did like Rachel's duet with Mr Shuester. That was a nice touch. I like Quinn's Papa Don't Preach. Out of the songs, that's my favourite. Dianna has such a sweet voice for it. Not too overbearing or loud.

Kurt is so <3. He's the reason why I started to watch Glee.
Personally, for me Rachel's kinda going through over exposure and am quite tired of her - she has some fab moments but with so many songs and scenes, they get lost in the noise. Shuester and Rachel are a MUCH better duo than her and Finn D:

Quinn makes me much happier :) And Kurt is an easy character to fangirl haha :D
Oh and if not for the overdone pregnancy side plot, Quinn would probably be tied with Santana as a fave ^^
Artie also had "Dancing with Myself", but yeah, I agree. And I love Quinn's voice, I really want her to get a solo or something.
Artie probably has more scenes than Tina but I do think that he gets sidelined since the production is not sure how quite to choreograph him into songs sometimes. Quinn voice > Rachel's for me ^^
Haven't really watched this episode yet. But I do agree about the whole Tina thing. Although I don't really agree with the whole Quinn singing thing her voice is weak and really does pale compared to the other leads, plus I just don't like her.

I would love to see another girls vs boys song thing though.
IDK In some ways, I find it easier to like the bitchy/weird people in shows than the leads sometimes, since we know exactly what their flaws are and accept them. On the other hand, the leads sometimes get increasingly arrogant/whiny/wank-tastic and they get more annoying over time.

Do think Quinn's voice is waay better than Finn's (who gets so many songs it drives me batty) and while her voice may not has as much range as Rachel, I still find it more interesting to listen to. Rachel has a certain wow factor but Quinn's vocal sound makes me want to hear more. But ultimately, I really just want some songs by Tina *A*
Ahh I am getting sick of Finn, and Rachel I suppose, I find that I don't look forward to their songs as much as I used to. I wish we got to hear more of the... I suppose 'nameless' characters in the show, like the asian guy for instance. Funny how all the chicks have names but I don't remember the name for two of the boys.

It's hard to compare Quinn and Finn, gender and all. One of the things that make me despise Quinn is the way she treated Finn with the whole not telling him the truth thing. Although I do prefer her over Mercedes, voice wise.

But we need more Tina, and hear from the nameless guys:D
I know exactly who you're talking about - wish nameless asian dude got more going for him too - but will champion Tina for now XD

I think its the writers pushing Finn as a lead when he really is just...blah. I found the whole pregancy plot eyeroll worthy and OTT so felt the need to cut Quinn some slack - character assasinations due to bad plot twists are EVOL >_> Though in Finn's case, I don't know if any amount of plot twists could make me likely the guy haha

Minor/Minority characters FTW :D
While I think it's cute as hell that Piper has a fangirl crush on Puck (she squeals when she sees him shirtless), I watch it for Schu, Sue, and the second string girls. Rachel is truly beginning to bore me and honestly, if she'd been in my show choir in school, they would've kicked her out for her attitude, talent notwithstanding.
I just finished watching the episode, and I was actually pretty happy that Tina and Artie got as much time as they did on screen. With such a huge cast, it's hard to give everyone screen time. Quinn and Puck seemed to get the least this week.

I could easily watch the Kurt and Mercedes show. That combination works very well for me. I also like Santana a lot. I was happy to see her doing more this week.

I can tolerate Finn more than Rachel. I recognize that Lea has an amazing voice, but her character annoys me to no end. I'd love it if they were in the background every other week, but if you read any Glee message boards, you'll find that the Finn-Rachel shippers make a lot of noise for their pairing. I'm sure TPTB are aware of that.

Last night's episode was my one of my two favorites. I still like the Defying Gravity episode where Kurt sings against Rachel best, by a small amount. Chris Colfer is one of my favorite guys on TV right now. I'm so glad the show has brought him to my attention.

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Interesting, without being spoilerish.

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