Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Meme, fonts and yaoi

[001] These memes are usually a hit n miss but...*gives it a shot*

i've always wanted to tell you

Silly, serious, annoyed, cracky whatevs - that's the point :)

[002] Can't believe I forgot to mention it but last week I discovered that there were job postings for a new Avatar series at Nickelodeon - comm posts here and here discuss it

[003] Watched Sex Pistols OVA 1 and I'm really happy they focused on my favorite couple :D It's probably sacrilege but I admit I like the character designs in the anime more than the manga ^^

[004] Read some shounen-ai/yaoi manga over the past week - I liked Suteneko no Karute which pulled at my heartstrings and had humor too. Also been reading Takanaga Hinako for the sweetness and Akira Norikazu for the pretty art :D Oh and Uchi no Tantei Shirimasen ka? by Kisaragi Hirotaka which was fun :)

I'll be honest - with my yaoi titles, I'm looking for hot smut while with the shounen-ai, I'm happy with slice-of-life type stories that focus more on the developing relationships - plot is a bonus in many cases. In some situations, I'll get hooked on the art, sweetness or relationship dynamics and look up the mangakas for more. And I usually never remember the manga by their names - just the art ^^

[005] I'm hoping some of these comic!fonts get released for free in the future 'cause they're so very spiffy: Adam Kubert | Alter-Ego | Architect | Gibbons Gazette | Jim Lee | Joe Mad | Kickback | Meanwhile | Time Sale | Wild Words | Yada Yada Yada | You Blockhead

Blambot has quite a few fonts though, both free (\o/) and paid. And my google-fu was strong today 'cause I managed to snag these others too: Blambot Pro | Euro Comic | Jack Armstrong | RavenShield | Rooftop Run | Zap Raygun 2.0

[006] Note to self- try out: This Thing Of Ours | There's No Place Like Home | Walter Farley is Rolling in his Grave

[007] Edit: loved woodburner's icon of the japanese edition cover of Privilege of the Sword and went hunting for the original pic - found a small one and tried iconifying it.

Unfortunately, the blacks were super intense so I tried using a gradient adjustment layer set on the exclusion blend mode:

 +  on exclusion mode =  

It gives an interesting effect which I might play with more in future :D

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