Goss (gossymer) wrote,

OTPs, reading and userpics

[001] Never thought I'd have a major het OTP and slash OTP in the same fandom but The Breaker has me shipping both Chun-woo/Shiho and Shiwoon/Hyuk So Chun - love how Shiho refuses to be left behind and ends up fighting back to back with Chun-woo and the way Hyuk So Chun's heart speeds up whenever he sees Shiwoon MWHAHAHAHA

Anyway, shared the Breaker on GB (refer to my lj profile bio if you've no idea what GB is). The summary online doesn't do it justice so I tried writing my own version instead :D As always, the post is way more popular on the free manga comm, lol.

[002] Came across a book and wanted to know if anyone had read it yet: WWW: Wake

Am particularly interested 'cause I really love to see the idea of worlds within worlds in novels - like book jumping (characters entering books like in the Thursday Next series) and interaction through virtual worlds and interfaces (Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers 1 + 2, Matrix, .hack//Sign) Always interested in reading more along those lines

[003] Have realised that with the LJ header contests, I can slowly get $5 giftcerts which can go towards the userpic add-ons. Though the comments here and here on the latest news post has me nodding a lot in regards to perm!acct holders.

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