Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Watanuki, manga coloring and icecream

[001] My default summer!userpic felt a bit too blue (literally) so I adjusted it for a bit more purple and stuff :D

[002] Don't usually go *A* over manga coloring but the two posts here and here at thecandystand have such love coloring on the manga pages - particualarly the skin!

[003] bloody_american pointed out that Baskin Robbins is having a 31 cent Scoop Night soon - and suddenly I wish I was still in the USA.

[004] nokiirat pointed out this fabulous pic from the new XXXholic OAD - Rou:

Click for bigger version:

TBH I hate the way Clamp tied TBC with XXXholic so when the former got incredibly convoluted, the latter also got dragged along. Still, I'm going to watch XXXholic: Shinmuki and follow it up with Rou for the Watanuki bliss XD

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