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TV-Tropes: Better than it Sounds...

There were certain entries in TV Tropes' Better Than It Sounds category. Here are a few that made me lol (highlight to read the titles)

Real Life
  • Baseball: Hit a dude's ball with your rod and run home before his goons catch you.

  • School: A government-run facility where minors are routinely tortured while their parents abandon them for hours at a time. Those who don't undergo the process for at least sixteen years usually have very little opportunity for a decent future.
  • Jigoku Shoujo: The path to hell is paved with the internet.

  • Inuyasha:Teenage girl collects jewelry with her boyfriend, whose late dad is a real son of a bitch.

  • Witchblade: Single mom gains a bracelet of mass destruction, sexy-as-hell outfit. It's a tear jerker.
  • Fruits Basket: A schoolgirl avoids living in a tent by moving in with an incestuous family with intimacy issues. Not a porno.

  • Gintama: In a world with an alternate history, a group of people who by all means should be fighting for justice instead take on odd jobs to pay their rent.

  • Hikaru No Go:Boy becomes possessed, then plays a board game.

  • Initial D: Sleep-deprived tofu delivery boy in a 20-year-old Toyota compact outdrives almost pro-level racers in much more expensive machines. Police are... nowhere to be found.

  • Kamichu: Middle school girl wakes up one morning as a goddess, and doesn't let it go to her head.

  • Kare Kano: Over-achieving girl meets over-achieving boy. Together, they learn how to under-achieve.

  • Kyo Kara Maoh: Bullying sends victim to another dimension to become the most powerful king of all worlds. There are also demons who may or may not be gay.

  • Mushishi: A traveler helps people cope with invisible magic bugs.

  • Princess Tutu: A duck, a girl who can't dance, and a magical girl ballerina princess are the same person. She/they heal people with the power of dance.

  • Red Garden: Four dead girls fight middle-aged men in suits.

  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: Teacher is suicidally depressed. His entire class falls for him. He's the sane one.

  • Skip Beat!: Unlucky Childhood Friend attempts to take revenge upon the man who dumped her by beating him at his own game...show business.

  • Spirited Away: A ten-year-old girl helps and is helped by a spa employee with partial amnesia after her parents' bad table manners nearly cause her to fade from existence.

  • The Wallflower: A group of Bishounen housemates must turn a Gorn-loving girl into a demure young lady to avoid paying their rent. She's not having any of it.

  • xxxHoLic: Smug witch makes a Weirdness Magnet her bitch.

  • Avatar: A Mighty Whitey Space Marine saves furry Indians in allegory of American foreign policy.

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: Orphan discovers his parents enrolled him in boarding school before they died. He kills one of his teachers and doesn't want to go home for the summer. He's the hero.

  • Lagaan: A rebelious teenager must put together and train a ragtag team including a Sikh, a badass mute, a hairy fortune-teller, and a man with a gimp arm (who is their secret weapon), to play cricket so they can save their village from taxes that will force them all into starvation. Also, it is a Bollywood musical.
  • Battle Royale: A Japanese High School class has to fight to the death, or their heads will explode.

  • Ben Hur: Loose tile makes man lose his best friend, get arrested, and enter the world of racing.

  • Carrie: Teen girl throws a fit at a prom.

  • Clueless: So this girl, like, does a load of shopping and wears these way awesome clothes and gives her new friend a make-over, ya know? And she's really into this guy but he's so not into her and there's this other guy who she, like, cannot stand 'cause he's like this total geek, and he's always ragging on her and she's like "what-ever", but he's way cuter than she first thought so it's cool. And it's totally based on this old book and stuff.

  • District 9: A man injured on the job gets no worker's compensation, so he decides to shoot up the place with an immigrant friend.

  • Hellboy 2: The Golden Army: Elven attempt at saving the Earth from those foolish humans meets demonic resistance. The demon is the good guy.

  • How To Train Your Dragon: Scrawny young teen stops a seven-generation long war and impresses his dad by eating a raw fish that his best friend spit back up. Cuteness ensues.

  • Iron Man: Terrorists put a very intelligent man in a cave with a box of spare parts. This leads the man to solve unethical business practices of his company.

  • Jurassic Park: Two kids get invited to visit their grandfather's zoo and watch a lawyer feed one of the animals.

  • The Land Before Time: Five kids walk westward for a few days. All the while, their de-facto leader is following the advice of what is either a hallucination or his mother's ghost. And then they kill the guy who killed the leader's mother.

  • Lord Of The Rings: People fight over a piece of jewelry. A bunch of pot-smoking midgets provide a convincing argument that size doesn't matter.

  • The Mummy: Foreign Legion defector, librarian and greedy man try stopping an undead adulterer from destroying the world.

  • Newsies: Boys go on strike from selling papers, until publishing companies lower the sudden tax increase on the papers they're selling. Singing, dancing, and Christian Bale pelvic thrusting ensues.
Lols at Harry Potter and Spirited Away :)

Pity I've watch so few of these!
Its hilarious to compare our memories with the single line descriptions since the first reaction is kinda WTF-oh-wait-that's-true XD Found the anime section the most fun though since it got me interested in some titles I'd skipped in the past :D

Oh Fruits Basket... I never thought of it in *that* way.

Also I don't think I've watched the Land Before Time first movie more than once because it is so heartbreaking :(
That way one of the lines that had me going "...oh wait, that IS right o_O"

I watched it several times as a kid and would fast forward those scenes 'cause they were too painful. Still I loved a certain triceratops haha <3
How about [Anime] "30 y.o. virgin orders around 100+(?) y.o. virgin while smoking cigars, being aggressive to furniture and horribly mutilating British names. Also, there are undead."