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Spices, anime and a new default media player.

[001] Have switched to the KMPlayer as my default video player - its very similar to VLC player, though with a few more options in some ways. If any setting is odd, the Preferences menu lets me tweak it :D

[002] Recced and pimped out 12 Kingdoms on GB and its definitely an anime worth checking out!

[003] Been using kothmir (cilantro leaves aka green corriandar) more in my cooking this year since I've been more budget conscious and this means relying on spices more often for more intense flavor so I feel satisfied faster - am back in love with the savoury taste of indian cooking now. Don't think I'll ever go all veg like my sister these days but at the moment I have a craving for a green chutney sandwich, mmm :F

Until this week though I hadn't realised that a lot of people hate cilantro (o_O) since its such a norm in Indian cookings, especially when accompanied by other staple spices (as pointed out here).

Admit I have yet to try making rice in Vancouver so on one hand I'm making lots of savory meat dishes accompanied by veggies like eggplant and spinach and on the other hand, am doing more noodles and far eastern influenced soup style meals - especially since I got some miso paste, gochuchang (korean chilli paste) and chilli black bean sauce. Wish I could figure out certain western spices though - still don't know when its worth using basil, rosemary, dill and thyme *facepalm*

And spices here are generally $5 a jar which is so painful D: Also don't have a grinder/processor/blender so I can't make any chutney yet (would love either cilantro or coconut ♥)

[004] A new issue of Shousetsu Bang Bang is out and I don't think I'll ever catch up ^^ But having shiny orig slash fic on hand is always good :D

[005] Absolutely love reading about artist influences and inspiration write ups, like this one by bluestraggler and the one here by wredwrat <3

[006] I'm still grieving over recent events in One Piece though I have read the latest two chapters focusing on Luffy and Ace when they were kids. Still, its going to be a while before I can get back to reading the regular chapters without being all ;_;
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Why the switch from VLC to KMPlayer? Most people I know swear by VLC so it seems an unusual decision~
Initially one of my codecs went missing and started causing VLC to start crashing so I tried some other players - really like the functionality and options for KMPlayer - aspect ratios, subs, start up options, options for behaviour when opening files etc.

VLC is still great but KMP seems more tweakable in some instances that I tend to be more interested in :)
I know I haven't been able to bring myself to read the latest One Piece chapters either.
IDK why, but it feels almost like a betrayal in a way - I expect close peeps to die in stuff like Naruto and even DGM, but with OP, I didn't even think the mangaka would have us fall so in love with some characters, only to rip them away. Man, it just hurts to read the follow up chapters.
I love cilantro! And it's pretty much a staple in my culture to pair it with green onions lol.
Thanks to your comment, ended up buying some green onions and they taste awesome together - thank youuuu <3
Try growing your own herbs! It's easy: Most of them are basically weeds, anyway. Use little pots... if you put oregano in the ground, it'll take over!
Oooh, never really considered that! And since the weather here is great for growing stuff, do wanna try that out *A* Have you any preferences btw?
Rosemary is great. It comes in bush and climbing varieties and makes a nice ornamental plant even if you don't want to eat it. Goes good with chicken dishes and savory stews.

Oregano is easy and if you like making your own spaghetti sauce, it's wonderful. Also good for chicken dishes and omelets.

Sage is also good but you need to be careful to use half as much as any recipe tells you to because the fresh stuff is strong.

Cilantro, of course! I bury my home-made tacos in the stuff!
Cilantro was my deadliest enemy when I was little - it took me about 7 years to get used to the taste, and that was because my parents insisted on adding it in all the soups etc.

I envy you, being in Vancouver. I don't easily get the opportunity to find stuff from my area in China to cook with. D:

still don't know when its worth using basil, rosemary, dill and thyme

That reminds me of the time I put all four in a quiche. Bleh.
There seem to be people who are genetically predisposed to dislike it but I wonder if that's possible in families that have a long history of using and consuming the herb?

Vancouver has a great grocery store (T&T) and a huge chinese population so definitely enjoying the authentic cuisine and spices :D Am so used to asian food getting altered dramatically for western consumption so its a nice change.

Ya know, I think I always end up picking rosemary out of my mouth >_> Definitely need more practice.
Oh OP T_T! I want the strawhats to come back together so Luffy can have his family again...
But you know, I wasn't actually surprised that he did that, I mean I've seen people go: There's no death (when you're not in a flashback) in OP! - To which I always just go: ... and what about Merry? (and think that if you say Merry wasn't an important character that I will cut you :D) But I'm curious as to how this will affect Luffy as a character. (Not that I think that he should change - but maybe become even more driven?... and bash akainu's and blackbeard's head in :D)
Initially I found it aggravating that the Straw Hats had been erased from this past arc so easily but now I'm glad since it might help me move on, and at least they'll probably grieve since Ace was a nakama.

Considering the amount of stuff that happened to Merry, they either had to do a character upgrade (Merry gets regeneration abilities or something!) or go the way it did. Siblings/brotherhood is a major love of mine (FMA, Tokyo Magnitude etc.) so I probably had blinkers on to some extent - couldn't imagine killing off Ace especially when Luffy and he stood back to back and were so awesomesauce and god damn it, wanna cry again ;_;

To some extent, I see Luffy as an exception to typical shounen!characters who usually need to be galvanized into action by a death of a loved one or need more character depth added that same way. He's always been a bit unique, like Nodame in Nodame Cantabile and I always felt his potential was showing through even without empliyong the standard shounen tropes even more often,
Oh, I love KM Player! I find that it has a lot more versatility and options when it comes to both viewing and screencapping so it has definitely replaced VLC for me as my main player. :D

Also, I didn't know about the cilantro thing either! It's kind of the garnish of choice in my household's Indian dishes so I'm not really getting the whole soapy taste thing. I think it adds a dash of lovely taste to many dishes. :)
Oh yes <3 Been using it for just a few days now but its just brilliant and convenient \o\o/o/

Exactly! It's like a bit of fresh garden smells in cooking and it brighten the food up beautifully :3 Whenever a recipe called for basil in the past, I admit I just dumped in chopped cilantro >_>
- (Anonymous)
*nod nod* The only thing I can compare it with is my dislike of mint, since I always immediately think of toothpaste and so can rarely eat it in food.

Always had trouble with rosemary so that's great to know! Lemon butter dill I have done before and loved it tho I am trying to cut down on the oils/butters.

Bulk Barn sounds awesome *A* Will see if there's a comparitive alternate over here, thanks! The last resort would be visiting china town with a friend and having her translate labels - but since she doesn't really cook much, I'm not sure how successful that would be >_>
Cilantro needs more love! I wonder if we can convert the world via chutney sandwiches ^^
Every time someone says "chutney" I recall this tuna steak with mango chutney sandwich that I had in Mississippi. I was really dubious about this thing at first, but it was heaven.
Bit of a weird question but do you find that sometimes when you open an avi file using VLC the sound doesn't always come on? Then you have to close and open again?
Oh, that used to happen all the time! Since then though I think I reinstalled and updated codecs and my players so it stopped? That was the initial reason I rarely used VLC since the volume wouldn't work half the time. KMPlayer is working beautifully though *_*
Oooh cooking!! I love it but rarely have the time between work and junk D: I think I'll chill out on my days off and experiment more~
Ooooh, have you been doing more far east asian cooking though? Any favorite new foods? Am so curious as to the differences with food stuffs for you now :D
basically I am cheap and use soba etc, i havent made proper anything, but stew and curry (japanese style) are the easiest things to whip up out of nothing!