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In my teen years, I didn't really care much about boys and my nose was pretty much always stuck in a book. On some level, I think I did feel a bit lonely and depressed since while I had the same group of friends for years (elevator system school so same peeps all the way till high school), though we chatted about school activities and went out, there wasn't that strong a connection since while most friends were all into dating and gossip, I seriously couldn't care less.

And then at some point my BFF connected with me. She'd call and my family would wonder how many times and for how long she could talk in a day XD Looking back it was very much a fandom relationship - we squeed about books, and created fanfics that we talked about on the phone - mostly it was LotR, X-Men, Newsies and general fantasy. We were even members of a Newsie mailing list for a brief spell. She really helped draw me out of my shell and considering how much of an anti-social bookworm I could be at times, she had endless patience IMO.

Got a bit better with relationships, and highschool ended up being rather awesome for the most part (Sleepovers! Outings! Awesome picnics!). However, entering college and moving across continents kind of changed things, so suddenly, while I had new RL friends, didn't really have anyone I could talk to about fandom stuff anymore.

By chance I stumbled across LJ while following after a Gundam Wing fanfic- and ended up joining on New Year's Eve of 2005 with the username gsd82. Yes, I used a bunch of letters and numbers - as a lurker who never really commented, I doubted my username really mattered. And yeah, I spent my first New Year in the USA with my sister and my laptop and was pretty happy about it XD Since then though, I haven't actually been on LJ on New Year's and so haven't really gotten to celebrate my LJ anniversary much.

But over time, I found that while I'd come for the fanfic et all, I had actually found like minded people who yes, in some cases wrote fanfic, but even more than that, were people who loved reading it and talking about characters and ships and fandoms. While I'd seen it all on forums, the division between fanworks and people was blurred and I found myself wanting to make a connection. I remember while there was wank, people like bookshop were just so friendly and awesomesauce that I kept coming back over the months.

So stuck with LJ and ended up making my first post in Fall 2005. Knowing mysef, I doubted it would amount to much. Ended up posting icons, getting familiar with how LJ worked, lurking and friending 200+ ljs and slowly starting to comment and participate in comms. The release of the HP books over the years definitely made the difference I think. Updates, reactions, squee, fanworks, discussions, they all helped bind me to LJ and I found myself posting more about my main OTP.

And over the years there were other shows and fandoms to also squee about, if not actively participate in. Was still very much a lurker despite activity in HP. Over the months, blogging on LJ helped satisfy not only my interest in fanworks but also that need for a fandom outlet, to be able to post about shiny discoveries and experiences on the fandom side.

I think it was towards the end of 2006/start of 2007 that I started getting into the habit of posting every other day, though there were days with multiple posts. There have been dry spells since then, where RL gets crazy busy but generally I don't think I'll ever need to participate in NaNoBloMo since blogging has become a part of the day, as has checking the flist.

Since the release of the final HP book, a lot of the flist has diversified into other fandoms and as much as I continue to love HP, the multi-fandomness of interests definitely makes me happy - I'd rather see friends finding more fandoms to love, than leaving fandom entirely. I do notice a drop in the level of activity though - expecially since I haven't transferred over to any of the new popular fandoms that have risen like Merlin. But I guess that's okay, since I still can't quite keep up with what's going on on the flist. I end up going "wait, what?" and have to check recent posts about new stuff that's happened. So maybe its a good thing that activity isn't so crazy high on an everyday basis XD

These days, I try to condense stuff into the bullet!single posts to spare the flist the spammage >_> Things have gotten more streamlined over the years - tracking tags, filtering out communities from the default view flist etc. but I still get that sense of community on LJ that isn't available on wordpress and blogspot.

Another thing that's also pretty much stayed the same has been my guilt over lack of commenting. Apart from posting, I still don't actually comment anywhere as much as I wish I would. Usually just don't have much worth saying beside \o/ or D: which seems so pointless most of the time. I'm always in awe of people who manage to reply to every comment, including the ones that are a variation of "me like!"

This year I've tried to reply to comments more on my lj (sort of an unofficial new year's resolution) but with mixed results. Still, as long as I can get into the habit of replying and commenting more, its good.

I love that there's meta on metafandom about lurking and how its the norm. I do wish I could meet some those who lurk here, but considering how I rarely comment myself, I find the quiet kind of to be expected in that case. And I think half the time I get into a long comment discussion, there's a certain foot-in-mouth syndrome that plagues me and I either say the wrong thing or the tone is all weird *facepalms* Lurking feels less stressful all around TBH. And I do manage to find new ways to continue to lurk - lj tracking, rss etc. so my footprint is even more invisible in some situations.

Do wanna note that there are times when comments from lurkers make me go "oh hey, person X is actually intersted in topic Y, how cool is that?" and when I stumble across that topic in future I'm more inclined to blog about it since peeps do seem interested. I think 'cause of the randomness of my interests, I worry that the flist sometimes just wants to yell "OMG STFU" *facepalms*

I kinda wonder how things will change over the next year or two. Nowadays I crosspost pretty much everything to DW so maybe in future DW might become my primary blog and LJ my secondary? Maybe there'll be a new major fandom that sweeps me up like HP did, or maybe I'll just continue flittng about and rambling on about shiny new things and hope people don't mind the continued randomness of it all XD
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i like the way this blog works. it's a breath of fresh air. i think of it less like a blog to discuss things and more like a magical shoebox. you find an object and you're not sure you're interested in it, you take out something else and you're sure you're not interested at all, and then you take out something else and it's wonderful and shiny. the fact that you almost never reply to comments, means i don't feel pressured to comment. i just click the links, enjoy and go on my way.
That reminds me of those websites that update with new links of shiny daily and I'd never know what I'd find XD Some stuff make make me go all o_O haha

If someone has something to say, I'd like to think they'd be ok with voicing their opinion but knowing that lurkers and casual viewers find it comfy makes me happy too :3
yeah I definitely think LJ has changed a lot since I first joined (2005 I believe). It's amusing to think of how fandom has evolved over the years. I remember for example when color bars were all the rave and now you hardly see people make them (that's just one example of course). LJ doesn't seem as busy as it once was but to me it's still the best place for fandom activities on the net.

And I also started going online because I didn't have a lot of people to discuss my fandom obsessions with. I have some friends that enjoy some nerdy things but they definitely are not into the fandom aspect and it can get a bit lonely.
Eeee *glomps* Same year haha - was looking up ol' meta a few days back about L and there were these comments about stuff like how people wished they could track stuff et all and it makes me happy to see that even with all the upheavals, there have been improvements too :D Have noticed some fandoms still have stronger fan activity on forums (like Kdramas on Soompi) but generally yeah, fandom does seem to be here usualy :D

*hugs* It's depressing to be so excited about something and tell a friend or my sister and they really don't share the same passion about the topics so it goes right over their heads lol XD
I know that you reply to comments by telepathy. XD

It's interesting to note how we've all changed and evolved over time on LJ. Back then for me, it was all about animanga but now I've thrown in some non-anime shows, I'm meeting new and fun people who share my interest and can squee with me. I post less on work and real life but more on the fannish.

I never mind about your ramblings! I always enjoyed reading them, even though I may not comment a lot on them but hey, it doesn't mean I don't read them. You've brought so much shiny and stuff my way that once I remembered someone asking about art commissions, I remembered your posts about those and pointed them here.
Yaaay, it's great to know the telepathic waves of love have been reaching you <3 <3

Wow, its kinda been the reverse on my end - more western focused initially but now I do think its kind of flipped over. I find myself drawn to people through their fannish posts usually and then their RL stuff creeps in over time haha

When I think of awesome commenter on the flist, you definitely are in the top 3! There's a part of me that wanted to just post this on Private filter since it was just so much rambling and didn't want peeps to end up reading to the giant chunk of text and wondeirng what the point was when it kinda...didn't really have a point per se?

And oooooh, commissions? That's so cool :D Am more used to seeing artists doing commissions on the flist that people getting them TBH so that's all kinds of awesome!
Randomness is great! I love reading your posts even though I rarely comment--lurking is apparently my way of life in the internet LOL I think your condensed bullet-point posts are very easy to read and introduce me to lots of great stuff ^^

Uh. Yes, I think I'm rambling XDDD
Re: ♥
<3 <3 Feel very much the same about your posts! Admittedly, I'm almost always behind on manga but you always lj-cut so spoilery bits are safe and your posts on the flist are multi-fandom bliss :3

I think the numbered bullets help stop me from going past the 10 point limit - at that moment I realise people's eyes have probably glazed over, lol
Re: ♥
Hahaha, it just shows how much fandom has eaten my life--even I am surprised on how I manage to read/watch that many animanga and shows LOL

Also, I don't think I've thanked you yet, but there are a couple of people in my flist who apparently found me through you/your posts, so thanks? ♥

10 points doesn't seem much in paper, but I think everyone's attention spans are just that much shorter on the internet @__@

(And ooh, is that Kuchiha in your icon? *__*)
Re: ♥
I just realised that OneManga can send emails and RSS notifs for manga so I'm getting better at following me fave titles (mainly just The Breaker and Skip Beat for now tho)

<3 <3 Just goes to show your awesomeness cannot be denied XD

We all have ADD on the Internet, most definitely haha

Yup! Though peeps unfamiliar with Amatasuki can't always tell is she's male or female ^^
No one I know irl are aware of LJ at all. And they keep asking me to get a fb, but I really don't want to friend people on fb. It seems like a quarter of the work drama somehow involves a fb comment.

They can't understand how fun it is to have an online identity where you only friend people because they are interested in the same things you are. The freedom and the community.

My flist is such an odd collection, now. I love it. :P
Oh man, my parents got FB recently and now I just tell them to go on and contact people when they want something - that site makes inner!me run away screaming >_<

*_* Oh yes. And there are always differences in our personalities and the way we were brought up so its interesting to see how cultures et all changes our views of the same source material. But so very often, going to see a movie with RL friends is simply that - a short bit of entertainment where there isn't much talk about it at all.

Looking at the popular users page, the majority is still HP but I do think the topics on the flist is much more varied these days - different but stick awesome :D
- (Anonymous)
Haha, yup <3 Though being curious is a good thing in these situations since I would have probably assumed that people weren't into DevART faves when in fact, they just get distracted by all the pretty art linked (like me) so much more lurking haha.

LJ was blocked one time I was on vacation in Dubai and my mom wondered why I was yelling "NOOOOOOOOOO!" at the computer screen >_> Definite withdrawl periods - lj, my drug.

Seriously don't post as much as some folk but that does mean we have similar tastes *tackleglomps* TBH, in some cases I comment via posting wherein I'll rec something to the flist when I haven't actually commented on the original post - and that's kinda normal? Bah >_>
I'm really shy about commenting ( in fact, I think I haven't even commented here before? So hi, I'm here because I enjoy your link-posts, especially about Anime and Manga. ^^) and a lot of times I feel like you and think that the comment I would post wouldn't really be significant.
Also, when I actually engage in conversation with people through comments I get unnecesarily self-concious and fret about whether or not I should keep answering and carrying on the conversation in fear of...I don't even know. Appearing too stalkerish towards a person I don't really know?
Heya!!!! *hugs* That's actually awesome to know, since I initially never used to post about anime and manga - was super pasive about my watching and never blogged about it since I felt there would be no one interested in it on the flist ^^

And yeah, that happens to this day - sometimes the conversation is going strong but other times it meanders and its like, hmm, to reply or not to reply? But if there's something I wanna say, I do mention it and assume that if the person is not interested, they simply will focus on some other comment/post. And sometimes there's multiple comment spammage where you get overly excited and respond more than once and look back and facepalm since the original poster probably isn't interested >_> I guess commenting can be very much a hit n miss that way - never know when things will blow up or just click perfectly...
I find your blog endlessly fascinating and interesting and learn-ful; it's ont of the ones that I try to skim/read if I'm rushing through the flist. Bullet points work VERY WELL for someone like me, ahahah!

But I do lurk and comment rarely on yours, since the most I can sometimes say is inane things like 'I like ur links' which is just...silly. :D

<3 Always figured people would skip past my posts when busy XD

I think the bullet points are the easiest format for me to use esp with more than two or three topics but the style leads me to ramble less on individual issues which maybe makes it harder to comment (since there's not much to respond to in that sense) and sometimes stuff that could be worth a comment on its own can get burried under the link spam >_> Still, would rather do bulletsies than multiple posts in a day ^^