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Food, Audiobooks and Cartoon reboots.

[001] Will be trying out a few audio books in the future, mainly Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Neil Gaiman's American Gods and Mercedes Lackey's Take a Thief. Also want to continue with The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy since I've listened to the first book so many times - its one of those books that make me laugh out loud in public so people look at me like I've lost my mind. But its worth it! Do wonder though if anyone had favorite audiobooks to rec (of the fantasy genre in particular).

[002] I found PC's World's Best Scottish Shortbreads at Superstore and they are amazing. Being butter cookies they reminded me of the danish variety I ate as a kid but the flavor was richer and so yummy. Never had shortbread when I was younger so was surprised to discover that its the granddaddy of all butter cookies It's much more satisfying than regular biscuits, so I can eat a single serving (2 pieces) without being tempted to grab another (unlike regular chocolate biscuits I tend to go for)

[003] Whenever my family and I would visit relatives in Goa, India, we'd have a particular type of Pao Badji for breakfast. My sister made it successfully and squeed about it on the phone, and now I want some :F The main ingrediant is Yellow Peas (or Vatanna) and the recipe she relied on was mainly this one with a few variations (much less coconut).

I found some other goan recipes for yellow peas too (1 | 2 | 3 | 4) and just remembering how yummy it was makes me want to run to the grocery store again. Will wait till I need more food stuffs though.

[003] New chapter of The Breaker is out and has me all WTF at the twist and cursing evil mangaka who leave you hanging.

[004] Oh and recently discovered that by signing up to OneManga, its possible to add fave titles to your own manga list and receive email updates (or a custom RSS feed!) for when there is an update! Added Skip Beat and the Breaker asap haha

[005] Forgot how enjoyable the first season of Minami-ke is <3 I just adore Kana - there's something about her that is just so much fun! I just wish the second and third seasons had better graphics.

[006] While reboots of franchises are pretty common with movies, unless they were originally comics (like Batman and Spider-Man) its unlikely to happen with cartoons these days. Would love to see the following cartoon reboots: Bionic 6, Johnny Quest, Carmen Sandiego, Jem, Prince Valiant, Swat Cats, Thundercats, She Ra, Pirates of Dark Water, Dungeons & Dragons, Ducktales, Gummi Bears, Robotech/Macross.

I'm thinking more along the lines of The Amazing Spider-Man, which has good redesigns but still has that old school flavor - there are more PoC and female!power in the reboot IMO and would love to see the same with the other shows. I do wish there were more seasons or just continuations of Batman Beyond and Avatar though - and god I hope Spider-Man gets a third season soon D:
Just the other day, I was talking with my brother that since they're making movies out of old TV shows and cartoons, they should make a live action Thundercats one. I can just picture whoever in his Leo outfit and going, "Thunder, thunder, thundercats, hoooo!" I laughed up for a good five minutes.

Tnanks for that OneManga tip! I didn't know about that!

Are you going to watch Iron Man 2 this weekend? I know it just recently came out over there while it's been playing for a week here. Heee.
A thundercats liveaction would be lol-tastic XD They'd probably change it for the Rule of Cool to something more like "Thundercats, HO!" like a quicky sports team call out.

Though I think the coolest call out would be the Devil bats (in japanese), especially with Hirums going, ,Buttsubusu/Bukkorosu YA-HA - being both evil and hilarious XD

Am hoping OM leads me to keeping up with manga now :D

Actually did see IM2! It was definitely fun and RDJ was *A* - though the iron!suit battles were a bit of a yawner (thinking about it, I guess I prefer it when we can see the characters in the mecha like in anime so its more personal rather than just CGI?) But it had its moments of awesome :3
I'd probably end up laughing too hard the entire movie to watch it if they ever made it.

But that's such an adorable call out! How can it be evil when it sounds so hilarious! Anime calls outs, particularly for sports anime are usually rather amusing. I mean, like you said for Eyeshield, 'for glory and honour!' even though they're just playing football and not in a war.

I got so starry-eyed over RDJ in the entire movie that I was grinning throughout. A bit disappointed that it wasn't Terrence Howard playing Rhodey this time but love Nick Fury.
Actually, thinking back, the Eyeshield calls outs are some hillarious anime sequences - the Knight going "for honor, glory etc. etc." and then the camera switching to the Bats who just go "KILL/CRUSH EM ALL" mwhahaha
Tell me what you really think about the 2nd & 3rd seasons of Minami-ke :) I'm hesitating on watching them since I did read elsewhere that the designs were changed a bit, but on the other hand, I really enjoyed the first season and want to see more.
The second seasons graphics are definitely different so it might be better not to watch it immediately after the first season - and the third season I think tries for unusual shots/angles which would be cool for a shounen series, but for a slice-of-life/comedy it can sort of get in the way? Watched the second season ages back and had forgotten how different it was visually so I stopped midway this time round - will go back when the shiny of season 1 is less fresh in my mind. The latter seasons do have their moments - its just harder for me to marathon one after the other ^^