Icon Meme!

  1. Reply to this post and I will pick six of your icons.
  2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons chosen.
  3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
  4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee. Whoo!
bzzinglikeneon chose the following:

Keywords: * hungry
Icon maker: whoresque

I just really, really wanted an icon for when I read/see something that makes me think of food or/and want to leave my computer and head to the kitchen ^^ Hungry!Appa is pretty much perfect in that regard :)

Keywords: * :| - secret garden
Icon maker: lazyturtleicons

Mary Lennox and her non-expression rule the first half of The Secret Garden. This icon is a bit of a homage to my childhood, since Mary was probably one of the coolest movie!kids IMO. Usually choose this icon when my reaction/mood about a post is pretty neutral and I still end up commenting. If I'm going to be all :| then it has to be Miss. Lennox.

Keywords: * reading letter
Icon maker: sweet__tea

Added this one as a "reading awesome correspondence" icon but have yet to actually use it, come to think of it ^^ End up clicking send on PM notes before thinking to switch to an icon other than the default...

Keywords: multi - art - night!city
Leonid Afremov
Icon maker: gossymer

Saw this artist's work on DeviantART and would love to buy a painting for my parents. The use of color is just so darn pretty and vibrant and they have so much of a presence that I think just one would be enough to add a beautiful touch. For now though, am making do with an icon XD Actually have a lot of icons made of his work (got permission from the artist too) but just didn't get around to posting them ^^

Keywords: * stock - purple flowers
Icon maker: gossymer

Gosh, I love this photographer's work, particularly the macro shots. This particular photo is a long time fave and since I couldn't find a stock!flower icon that called out to me, decided to make one myself. The interesting thing is that I finally saw these flowers here in Vancouver, took a photo and used it for my LJ header submission for the month!

Keywords: multi - art - jem
Artist: gorrem
Icon maker: gossymer

My sister hated Jem & The Holograms since she'd wake up to me watching it every single morning when I was a kid. For me though, Jem was cooler than any Barbie doll. Gorrem's fanart of the character is, IMHO, absolute perfection - captures the spirit and design and its such glorious use of color. Finally threw in the towel and made it into an icon recently. I'd really like to get a print of this in future since no matter how cheesy and lol-tastic the old cartoons of our childhood may seem today, its art like this that makes it all moot - characters like Jem were the rock stars and celebs of our childhood :3

I love the night city icon. It's still gorgeous and vivid whenever I see you using it.
I think we have similar styles of picking icons for their emotion/action/idea - like O_O Dean as shock!icon - for some other peeps, can never figure out how they know which keyword refers to what icon ^^


I have to say, I love the softness of many of the icons you've uploaded! :D

*signs up for the meme*
<3 <3 You're in my top ten list of icon makers 'cause your icons are vibrant and have wonderful use of color - then I realized later how awesomesauce you are in other ways haha