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Wank, art and anime rec

[001] Once in a while there are responses to the fanfiction issue that make me fist!pump in the air from the awesome:

"The basic rule I follow here is one I learned in stand-up comedy: Always punch UP. I am a relatively successful typing human whose words are physically produced using millions of dollars and is distributed nationally by a massive billion dollar corporation to millions of people. Exactly how is a free web page with a 1000 word story about Eliot and Hardison fighting a trans-dimensional incursion of Elves hurting my brand, exactly?

Tell you what -- if some fanfic writer is so good they manage to amass a million-person audience with their web-distributed free stories using my characters, I am going to consider that evolution in action and hire that bastard. Or, at the very least, urge them to go create their own show. But odds are it ain't gonna happen. And that's okay. We write for different reasons." - John Rogers of Leverage fame (source)

[002] Here's another great post (also found via cofax7) covering the older wank on published authors vs fanfiction. There are several parts that had me nodding my head off, including:

"For most of us, fanfiction is a non-issue. Even for midlist writers. We will never be popular enough for people to play in our worlds with any frequency. The problem for us is getting people to read and care about our books that much in the first place. I have never heard a midlist or small press writer shriek about fanfic the way bestsellers do. So much ire spent over something that ultimately helps books, keeps the conversation going past the long tail of marketing, keeps them alive and loved--I've never understood it. Quashing fan activity is not only self-sabotaging, but unkind." - catvalente // Catherynne Valente

Though I am disappointed with Jasper Fforde D: Still, the intro and concluding paragraphs in particular had me all \o\o/o/ YES.

[003] If you're avoiding more recent wank, the one post I'd point to is furiosity's, especially since it touches onto certain social!issues brilliantly.

[004] bzzinglikeneon's post makes me want to take the leap and delete my FB acct >_>

[005] Now for something SUPER SHINY: amei posted a gorgeous fanart scene today - I wish there was more fanart that focused as much on lighting, atmosphere, props, poses and use of color and textures. Every time I look at it I notice something new (particularly on the table, lol).

[006] Pimped and recced Red Garden and its OVA on GB <3 If MU causes problems, y'all can check out this post which has mirrors on MF too.

I'd love to put the recs themselves in public posts here but am worried that would be too much flist spammage for people who watch both GB and this blog >_>

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