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Rec: The Breaker (manwha)

Posted this last month on GB and figured I'd cross-post the newer recs here publicly - for peeps who might have missed 'em and others who'd love to squee about the titles XD

Title: The Breaker-- [ baka updates | myanimelist ]
Author:  Jeon Keuk-jin
Artist:  Park Jin-hwan
Genres: Shounen, Action, Martial Arts, Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life

About t& notes: Shiwoon Lee is your typical bully-magnet who doesn't know the first thing about defending himself - or the ones he cares about. He happens to discover that the new homeroom teacher, Chun-woo Han, is not just a regular instructor, but rather, insanely gifted at martial arts. Given enough desperation - and a dash of blackmail - Shiwoon is accepted (albeit grudgingly) as a disciple.

However, Chun-woo has his own reasons for being in town - and his arrival is followed not just by a kickass new school nurse named Shiho but also by a number of martial artists chasing after the legendary fighter Goomoonryung

One guess as to who that would be >_>

The manhwa focuses on both Shiwoon and Chun-woo and the dynamics between master and disciple, but it also focuses on secondary characters like Shiho (who is fabulous) and the young martial arts prodigy Hyuk So Chun, whose search for Goomoonryung leads him to Shiwoon (\o\o/o/)

The art is consistently stunning for a shounen manga (pic examples: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4) and its balanced by a story that has interesting characters,  relationships with interesting dynamics and a plot that brings it all together really well. Definitely recommend ⇒
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