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[001] Trying to watch Inuyasha from the start and I'd forgotten how awesomesauce he and Kagome were from the get go. The lines, the expressions, the dynamics of their relationship makes me all \o\o/o/ XD Definitely a fave ship, even after so very many years. And my fingers still get twitchy when I see Inuyasha's ears >_>

It doesn't help that I have a big print of this eyecandy on the wall too :3 I know it'll start to drag after a while but for now, can't help bit smile at the scenes.

[002] Began The Darkest Hours last night and can I just say that Jim Butcher and Spider-Man are a match made in fic!heaven? SO MUCH LOVE. And since its more recent cannon (before the fail-tastic BND and Civil War though) just after Morlun, we have Peter as a teacher, which is so much more interesting to read than his photographer!job at the Daily Bugle.

[003] The Art of the Avatar:TLAB is releasing on the 19th and a preview of 15 pages is online - particularly like the landscapes/environment art, especially the asian influenced architecture *_*

[004] I visit Charlie Bowater's tumblr every now and then and the fact that she's fine with people using her sketches for color!practice (link) makes me squee - especially since her sketches are rather spiffy.

She does a lot of different stuff (example), but I adore her style when it comes to facial features (since I kinda suck at drawing them haha): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Though can never figure out how she achieves coloring like this and this *wistful*

[005] amei's art also makes me spazz like mad - her people!scenes are just amazing - for instance: Sushi restaurant | Cafe/Bakery | Slashy nightscene

She's also done crazy brilliant portait studies like this, lots of slashy fanart (voila!), sculture work and I particularly love the pieces where she focuses on expressions like here

[006] Leave y'all with hot mecha eyecandy for a change, focusing on Macross Valkyries. As fun as Iron Man 2 was at times, the final suit!battles were a bit dull - I prefer to see the pilots in the mecha suits, like with fights from the Macross and Gundam anime titles. Quite a bit of attention is given to the humans piloting the suits and it makes me so much more invested in the aerial dogfights.

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