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DevART pretties and Fringe

Okay, so I really can't wait for the next episode of Fringe! The SPN finale I skimmed through but even just the first five minutes of Fringe had me spazzing and flailing.

Faves from DevART - this is becoming a weekly update *facepalms* I'm debating whether to lj-cut these next time round >_>
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Omg I didn't know you watched Fringe! skldjsd I have been wanting to spazz with someone over Fringe for like, EVER. But know one aside from my aunt watches it and .. it's hard spazzing over it with her. lol. She doesn't spaz like I do. I'm just all skdjwlkjsd I DONT WANT PETER TO BE BAD D:

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It's such a fantastic show! Sort of X-files-ish but more freakiness and I love it <3 Olivia can be a bit blah at times (which is why I loved Alternate 'verse!Olivia so much in the last episode since she has so much chemistry and fun with the people around her ^^ But I'm worried about Peter D:
I know, I loved Olivia with red hair. I think it looks really good on her. And I can't wait to see what happens when they meet, because you know it's inevitable. slkdjfksldf I know. I don't want anything bad to happen to Peter. D: Sounds like the next episode might be the season finale. If it is, I hope it's renewed for another season.
I'm wondering about the implications of the tattoo TBH - is there a special significance or will Alter 'verse!Olivia go undercover as Main 'verse!Olivia and our only hint will be a glimpse of the tattoor later? Bah, probably too cliche but so many qs!

Kinda automatically assumed it would be returning since the plot keeps getting better and I don't think the show is having any problems rating-wise at least. Gosh, now I need to check D:

I admit I was all *A* at the way redhead!Olivia walks around in that action!heroine outfit hahaha
I knooooow. It made me go DUN DUN DUNNN in my head. xD

Also, CHARLIE! YAY CHARLIE! I was SO PISSED when they killed him off.

I'm really hoping that Peter wises up some. I like him. D:

I love redhead!Olivia and her woman!power thing she's got going on. I bet it must be fun for them to play alternates.
YES, I really hope they somehow get Charlie to stay on - maybe crossing over or something - he's just so \o/ Seeing him again made me want to marathon the first season - which I'm reading right now lolol

It's so easy to overdo the doppelganger thing but they're doing it so well in this case :3