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Commish: Harry & Draco by Samurai-PET

I'd asked Samurai-PET for a commish of two characters and decided to focus on long time OTP Harry and Draco. While the artist doesn't do straight out slash, I figured there were still a lot of options available, especially since I love the artist's work for the fluid movement and poses and awesome costumes/clothing (example)

So I asked femmequixotic if it'd be okay to have the pic match the livelongnmarry fic she's writing for me and she was awesome enough to send several concept options over for the artist to refer to \o/

The fic is an AU historical fantasy and Samurai-PET ended up choosing this particular concept that femme sent (there's more background info et all but don't want it to be too spoilery for the fic XD):
Draco casting an illusion (by weaving a grass net and tossing it towards an enemy) that bursts into fire while Harry's back to back with him, his sword drawn to fight off another enemy warrior.

Click thumbnail for bigger version:

Bigger Version

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*flails at you*

Dear God, that's perfect for that scene. Perfect. I just. GAH. I am SO GLAD she used that one. \0/
*spazzes with youuuuu* Was watching with glee at all the commish!pieces coming out and then was all *_* simply at the thumbnail hahaha - seeing it close up has me all \o\o/o/ because I wasn't expecting any background so the abstract!tree silhouettes and shadows make the whole piece so brilliant.

And then there's the poses, the expressions, the clothes and hair and movement in them, the special effects, the I've-got-your-back vibe <3 <3 <3 Definitely a fave :3
It's just phenomenal. \0/ I love everything she did with it. Everything. The movement's gorgeous, the effects are gorgeous, and GAH, she just got made it all perfect.

(If you don't mind, I might print out a copy and tack it to the corkboard above my writing desk for inspiration as I finish. \0/
Tend to be quite picky about H/D commissions but knew Samurai-PET would do it well - though actually seeing it today, I'm still floored haha

((If the artist sends me a bigger version, will pass it along to you so printing isn't a problem in that case <3))
I had to go flail at her too--I knew she'd be good after looking at what you sent me, but dear God. Just amazing.

(And ZOMG, that would be so awesome. You ROCK.)
Well, *I* am one very happy girl today. :D Simply beautiful, I love the ferocity!
Omg, it's amazing. And dear god I would love to read that fic.

*flails* so prettyyyy
This is awesome! Thanks for commissioning it and sharing with the rest of us. :)
WOW! Terrificly done! Makes me wats to read the fic. I think I love H/D art best, probably because Draco is so pretty/pointy seems like straight out from a movie!!!

kudos for the artist
The artist did a fantastic job. You're making me love action poses. ^_^
THAT IS GORGEOUS. I can't wait to read femme's newest! That is all.
HOMG that's so cool. I can't wait to see that fic. Please link to it when it's done? *___*
Ahh, I'm a huge fan of Samurai-PET's Naruto art, so it's amazing to see her doing Harry Potter. I love the fluidity and motion, as well as the colours. Thanks for sharing!
so i'm curious: was this fic ever posted? because (aside from a fantastic art) that sounds like a fantastic premise.