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H/D, RSS feeds and books

[001] Samurai-PET posted up close-ups/pocess work for the Harry & Draco commish <3

[002] Some shiny:[003] I tried doing a Media Log last year but it only lasted for 5 months. pellucere's post here makes me want to give it a second try, this time focusing just on books. I'm on my ninth book for the year which isn't much but I hope to do a book a week at some point (wonder if there's a comm for that?) Anyway, will make a book!list later this week :D

[004] I added a new public filter for my flist to go with the default, icons and media - this one is called art and its 'cause I tend to miss art!posts a lot and its a much easier way to keep track of it all. I like having the default view as primarily text while the other views give me all the media/graphic shiny :D

Will be adding the following syndicated feeds to the filter in a day or two too (created them after going through this list):

aki_zhao | ben_lo | cass_poulson | daniel_lieske | etoli | habuhabu | jan_artstuff | jenzee_art | katied_artblog | leslie_hung | loish_artsketch & loish_blog | peterm_artblog | phoenixlu_art | ravenskar_art | sketchfu | vism_artblog

[005] Also discovered some lovely work on krhart - particularly love the Maleficient sketch and the piece inspired by Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and the one at the bottom of the page (blue bird Grigory in human form) Contacted the artist about an RSS feed and one might be available as early as next week \o/

[006] meganbmoore's recs and reviews of Georgette Heyer novels makes me want to pick some up again....

[007] gunshandcuffs is taking additions for the new H/D Bookself poll till the 22nd so do submit your three favorite unlisted fics before then if your have time!

[008] I watched Community over the weekend (which had its moments, particularly at the end) and did a skim/speed watch of Mad Men (which wasn't as \o/ for me but love the season finale and will definitely watch next season).

I admit the reason I watched both was Alison Brie - definitely my fave person in Community. Not to mention there's something about her face/expressions that remind me of young!Buffy Summers while her voice reminds me more of Willow Rosenberg in a way - maybe it's all in my head though.

Then there's Christina Hendrick who is seriously stunning, though in her case there's something that reminds me of a Blair Waldrof, y'know, if Blair worked as the HBIC of a secretarial pool XD
I thought you said it was the coolest cock you had seen in a while... :P so blase!

Christina Hendrick as Joan is just fabulous. Do you remember her in Firefly?
Realised I didn't actually go all *A* over clocks very often XD A text!clock is so cool :D

OMG, I didn't realise that was her for some reason :O
- (Anonymous)
*glomps* That is way cool :D Though I wish they had options for adding ratings to stuff listed (like for books) and being able to embed a list onto a blog or lj. But now am curious about other list sites for books - maybe Good Reads or Library Thing has them without requiring reviews in detail? Hmm...