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Icons, DA, Discworld and Conditioning...

[001] New default icon *points* These can be a bit of a hit 'n miss, where I switch back to the previous icon but I really like this one since it feels more me? At least with a brown and round face XD

The art is by Loish and can be seen here - please click the thumbnail to see the full size version :D

Oh and also made an omgslashyay\o/ icon using a photo amei pimped, an icon of Koyuki on his guitar from the Beck anime and one of Seven of Nine

[002] Version 7 of DeviantART is very much a mixed bag for me - they tried to make it more visually streamlined but in some ways (lack of search bar on every page, clicking to maximise, forcing downloads if image is too big to fit screen, hiding longer deviation descriptions etc.) its very counter-intuitive and it feels like, IDK, there's a lack of negative space/room to breathe since the layout extends to the edges.

[003] Reading Feet of Clay makes me realise I tend to miss most of the puns and language!humor in the audio book version - definitely enjoying the story though. And OMG, can't wait for the end of the month and the Going Postal movie \o\o/o/

[004] Am not used to the lack of interrior cooling/air conditioners so my sleep on some warm!days has gotten all weird and stuffy - am so used to the room being cool and warming up under a thicker cover. Now though, it gets too warm D: Kind of reminds me of family vacations in India...

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