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Old games, TV finales and a cry for HALP

Edit: Two awesome things via the flist: How Far We've come, a fandom tribute video for the Harry Potter movies, found via lunylucy <3. OMG YOU GUYS, I LOVE THE HP FANDOM. Srsly, for better and worse am glad I'm in it :3

Plus, Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces (pointed out by schemingreader) is a Calvin & Hobbes fic with Calvin visiting his gay!Uncle and his partner :D :D Really great.

[001] Google has Pacman - click the insert coin button to play! Admit I've never been a fan of the game, so I wonder whether they'll get tetris or pinball next :D BTW, is there a particular reason for them putting this up today?

[002] The only summer anime I'm excited about is Nurarihyon no Mago, though I am curious about Highschool of the Dead's adaptation. If anyone is interested in trying out NnM, its available here and at medea_complex too!

[003] I am finally free of Smallville! Yup, Allison Mack is leaving, though she'll be there for a few eps in the last season (for fans!), so that Chloe gets a decent wrap-up at least.

[004] A picspam recasting the Avatar: TLAB movie with PoC. Don't necessarily agree with all the casting choices but it was a good change to see famous PoC actors in america cast (showing it CAN be done). Though the rules at the end of the post pissed me off. Just, argh.

[005] Holy fuck, Fringe! I knew it and called it as soon as I saw the tattoo the first time haha XD And the Olivia!fight was tres magnifique :3 Though a certain shippy moment made me go all o_O Seriously that wasn't needed.

[006] Watched the season finale of Community and \o\o/o/ I bet the two of them are going to deny it ever happened later, haha. But whatever happens, I squeed out loud from the twist :D 

[007] HALP! My family is visiting Vancouver next month and I need to make a booking for housing for about 17 days? Unfortunately, it being at around Canada Day means pricing is crazy high.

Anyone know of sites where I could find summer rentals (with a kitchen hopefully?) located downtown or closeby? I'm not sure what the Go-To places for these kinds of things are, at least in Canada D:

H E L P  ;_;
Hmm. Well the cheapest place in Vancouver other than hostels (like this one with a common kitchenis UBC campus, but I don't know if there's any summer housing in the senior residences, which is the only place you'd get a kitchen, and it's about half an hour from downtown by transit (which is conveniently located on campus). As for downtown proper, if you're looking for something like classified ads Kijiji is prolly your best bet; if you want more standard hotel type things, I don't have any insider info, but the vancouver website has lots of links; it looks like for a furnished apartment with kitchen downtown, expect to pay around $130-$200/night around Canada Day. It looks like this one might be your best bet.
Oh and sorry, the UBC link is here, if you're interested. They have apartments with kitchens (which don't actually seem any cheaper than the downtown ones), and they have shared apartments (so seperate bedroom but you share the kitchen while you're there) which are cheaper.
There are options for $110 a night downtown at some motels but my family was hoping for a place with kitchenette for maybe $10 - $20 more a night. Ultimately the budget for the 17 days is $2000 so need to see what might fit in there other than a motel...
Hmm I see. well, this place is downtown, rates at $120/night, and has some kitchenettes (though I don't know about availability). Also, this one is all kitchenettes, and is $130 a night in June, though it jumps to $150 a night in July.

I lived there for four years, but never stayed anywhere other than hostels so I don't really know much about visiting as a tourist. I hope someone else can get you some better insider info ^_^
Those look great, thank you *hugs* I think its the kitchen issue that making it more difficult though if something doesn't work out in the next week, we'll just make do without one at a motel instead ^^
Since it's summer, I'm sure they will :D Have a packed schedule but if mom gets tired, we can take it easy too :3 Quite looking forward to it!
Alternatively, they could go super-cheap by staying at the Patricia or the YWCA, which would only be like $70/night, and spend the extra money on restaurants XDD
Wow sad news about Mack, although I don't think I enjoyed her character in season nine as I did in previous ones. Hopefully this means Erica Durance will get more screen time! She's my favorite.
[005] OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *flails hardcore* There BETTER BE A THIRD SEASON DAMMIT. Because that would be a horrific place to cancel a series.