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Look Ma!

[001] blamebrampton pointed out Epilogue photos from the final HP movies and her reaction post says it all really...

[002] Got a lovely place for the family when they visit Vancouver this summer, WOOT! It's not downtown exactly but for the price and space and STUFF, it's brilliant IMO.

[003] zombres pointed out two fanvids (here and here) and the action sequences in them reminded me how phenomenal and unique A:TLAB is, especially as an animated television show.

[004] Speaking of Avatar....THERE IS A NEW SERIES IN THE WORKS: Avatar: The Legend of Korra

[005] My sister and I had the same reaction of OMGYESYESYES at the thought that soon someday, we'll be able to regrow teeth. I know the alternatives otherwise are dentures or implants in a decade or two. But being able to instead grow new teeth  (in nine weeks)? THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUUUUUUU

[006] I loved Bad Romance in the latest episode of Glee, mainly 'cause of the focus on Tina, Kurt and Santana - yes, I'm easy. And Brittany rocked that cat walk scene.

[007] The only thing I've done on my reboot is the background color and the entry width: voila *facepalms* I'd love to get the entry style finished this week at the very least though - with font face embedding too, which should be really fun!

Though I was wondering why colors looked so weird in Firefox. It was only after several hours of tinkering that I remembered the in-browser color management, which I then turned OFF asap. Argh.

[008] The issue of Marion Zimmer Bradley vs Fanfiction - kind of puts things in better perspective all round.

[009] Some shiny:[010] ...NO SMILEY!EMOTICONS FOR ONCE! But watch while I link to the informative wikipedia page, mwhahahaha
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I'm very interested to know how your font embedding goes. It's something that's been lingering in the back of my mind for awhile, but 1) I haven't had a need to use it yet, and 2) so many of my favorite fonts aren't licensed for embedding.
I sort of narrowed down my choices of fonts and linked to a tutorial in this post - and since adela_nightmoon implemented it on her LJ, have really wanted to experiment with it all too.

The font licensing is a definite issue but there are more options appearing every month so there's probably going to be a lot more interesting typography used with time. Will probably be worshipping Fontsquirrel and by then haha
I'm glad you found your family a place! Looks like it's right near the Skytrain, which means it'll only be about half an hour to the edge of downtown proper by Skytrain. Which is worth it just because the skytrain is coooooool.

zomg new avatar *_* potentially amazing news. Particularly if any of that speculation is true and the main character is a girl!


And that link to the details of the Marion Zimmer Bradley case was really interesting. Thanks! It was nice to get some clarification.
Love the skytrain and thanks to that we might only use a car for the first week and then use the train to go around :D :D

I wonder about 'Korra' - she might be a character we only hear about (like an actual in-cartoon legend) *shrugs* As long as there is decent characterization, I'm game :3

By idea of 30 somethings are 20 somethings just a bit more buff/built for guys so Draco has me wincing D:

After seeing so many authors wave it around and the actual story sounding more like the definitely made certain things clearer :)
1. Oh god. Draco. And yet Ginny looks quite lovely. Naturally. (this is not the voice of a deranged H/D shipper, but someone wondering if sexism had a role in their depiction as well).

2. I'm glad your family got a nice place to stay!

4. !!! :D Hello balance to movie~
Re #5: HELL YES! I have an implant and getting it hurt like hell. I'd love to have had an alternative. Hooray for science actually doing useful stuff!
Woowww I had no idea about this whole house rental - I love that it is also all Victorian deco as well! I totally want to rent one and live in it for a month, even if it is just in New West. XD
Whoa, is that a new wiki layout or is my user agent stuck on "iPad" again?

Heh, I did NOT need to know that much about emoticons.... although I did wonder. :P

I will probably have to regrow teeth, and now I'm really glad I'll be able to. :D :D :D