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E-ink and e-readers

I really want to make the leap to ebook reading as my norm and relying on dead tree versions for new releases from the library. However, I've come to realise that I actually find e-ink/e-paper hard on my eyes (the black/white flash when changing pages as can be seen in this youtube demo) and back lit LCD screens like my laptop aren't conducive to longterm reading TBH (it's harder to read 100k words at a stretch on the laptop as opposed to a physical book)

So over time I find that I keep coming back to one particular ebook reader: the Jetbook Lite.

It's a non-backlit LCD screen e-reader and is available at the moment on Buy.com for $129 with free shipping. The only issue might be the lower contrast compared to e-ink readers - since its not back lit, the background is more newspaper grey But at least it doesn't strain the eyes like backlit LCDs though.

I also love the fact that it runs on AA batteries since that means I can buy 4 rechargable batteries, use two and switch them out for the other pair if I end up leaving it on for a day by mistake. No hours of charging or anything. And considering my laptop battery can no longer hold its charge for more than 10 minutes when unplugged, it would be great not to have that issue with the e-reader. Plus rechargable AA batteries are much easier to replace :D

I think what tipped the scale are the formats its able to read: : "JetBook is meant for use with the following: books in TXT, PDF, FB2, ePub, Mobi, PRC and RTF formats, pictures in JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP formats and Audio Books in MP3 format"

\o/ In a couple of years I might get something super new and shiny but I'd rather go for an older device with a cheaper price-tag for now.

Oh and for anyone interested: reviews for Jetbook Lite over here
Ah, e-books are pretty neat, huh? I still prefer paper where books are concerned, but kindles and other electronic readers are just so futuristic.
I hope you'll someday achieve your ideal reader~

Picture format too, though... I don't usually have more than one regular book with me at a time (except for school) but that could be useful for if I felt like reading a manga or something on the bus instead of a normal book.
Wow! I'm ordering one right now!

This sounds like exactly what I've been looking for to replace my old, creaky Palm Pilot.

No draconian control issues like with the Kindle or iTouch, plus it's smaller and easier to carry and replaceable batteries!