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Internet, Poll, and recent reads/watches

[001] This past week our ISP service got upgraded and now the download speed at speedtest.net maxes out at 30 Mbps \o/ The upload speed is still extremely slow though at .5Mbps so its still hard to pimp stuff out at GB :(

[002] The poll for selecting the most widely read New H/D favorites is up! There are summaries and more info for each fic here and some interesting findings and research on them here. Do wonder about the results and whether the most read fics might show changes in readership numbers across the years and general preferences for fics >_>

[003] Your guide to Eurovision 2010 XD Seriously this one picture and the description made EVERYTHING so much clearer hahaha

[004] Prior to the weekend, someone mentioned the Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 on the friends-of-friends list - I think it was dangermousie? Anyway, I marathoned the show for a while and was thoroughly charmed by Ariel Lin's character. However, the male lead was insanely boring so ended up dropping the title (hey, it's 50 episodes long!). This did make me go hunting for Taiwanese dramas though and stumbling onto Autumn Concerto.

However, there was a lot to wade through, including Peach Girl, Miss No Good, and more, which had me dispairing that I'd ever find something that wouldn't make me go WTF so much. In generall I find it MUCH harder to find a Taiwanese drama that clicks with me but considering how much I love the manga and anime for Skip Beat and the korean drama Coffee Prince, am looking forward to them, even if the storylines do get adapted a bit.

I just hope Ariel's hiatus from acting doesn't cause problems - though its a relief to know Jerry Yang is no longer attached, since I've never liked him

[005] Two online comics found this past week: Sequential Art + How to Play

[006] My love for the series Community can be traced back to a single line from the episode Debate 109: "He was horny so he dropped him. Man. Is. EVIL!" \o/ I love Annie!

[007] Some art stuff:[008] Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike scanlations are still going strong, as y'all can see from Bliss progress post here (can't wait to read vols 14 and 15 OMGOMGOMG)

[009] Watched Going Postal, but it wasn't instant LOVE like the previous Discworld movies - maybe 'cause of the lack of my favorite Grim Reaper? IDK. But it had its fun moments :D

[010] On the other hand, I couldn't seem to bring myself to watch more ten minutes of Prince of Persia - the accents and pronunciation just felt so wrong and WTF-y that I just...couldn't watch it D:

Usually I can skim through movies, despite bad casting and Hollywood whitewashing but this time round, every time a character opened his or her mouth my brain went, "Nooooooo!" and then had to point out I'd have probably been super happy if the movie were in a foreign language that fit the period and location and I were reading subtitles instead.

[011] Ah, the irony: its only after I finish listening to the audiobook version of White Cat by Holly Black that the ebook version finally pops up *headdesks*

[012] Got several friending notifications on LJ over the weekend and I can't figure out why/what happened to spark it *part curious/part paranoid*
Oh, heeeey! Did you like White Cat? Where did you find the audiobook for it? I'm going on a looooong drive this weekend (24 hours ugh!) and am looking for some good (or bad!) audiobooks. LOL :D:D:D
Baaah, never mind about the where. I found it. But I am still wondering whether or not you liked it. :D The plot looks....interesting. I'm also checking out the Forest of Hands and Teeth. I heard that one was really awesome. Have you read that one?
H/D picture done for sharon
Very nice job combining the two pics that sharona1x2 posted for merith. I'm from LJ, but had to pop in just to tell you.
Gemma and Sir Ben's accents were real, being Brits but I didn't notice Jake's until halfway through and then I thought it was dorky. The movie, however, did made me realised what a hottie Gyllenhaal could be, scruff and long hair.

Sometimes the 'friends' could be bots. Or aliens.