Goss (gossymer) wrote,

Commish: Sakura & Syaoran (CCS) by Dark134

*facepalms* I actually got this done last year but it was finished during the month of hell (aka November) so I didn't realise until now that I never posted it up!

Anyway, the initial sketch is here and the DA post over here. I wanted this to fit somewhere in the later half of the Card Captor anime with Syaoran getting more and more affected by Sakura (and very flustered and flushed) while she's still kinda oblivious, lol XD

Dark134's coloring and style felt like a good match for the series and I love the way it turned out - I can just imagine Syaoran's thoughts and how, by the count of three, he'll be beet red and using any excuse to run awaaaaay XD

click for full version:

Tags: commish

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