Goss (gossymer) wrote,


[001] GB crossed 3000 members today, yaaaaay \o/

[002] It's that time of the month and I'm sort of glad 'cause this means I might not have to deal with it again till after the family vacation is over :D On the other hand, I ran out of painkillers and need to make a trip to the grocery asap >_>

[003] My family home town is on wikipedia: Goa Velha along with Fenny (yay for alcohol haha) - though a better article might be this one. I find it interesting that older Goans can get Portuguese passports and by extension, their children and grandchildren. So possibly, with enough paperwork, my family could get dual citizenship in Canada and the European Union o_O Wonder how horrible the taxes would be then tho...

The bit that made me lol is that the entry for Goan Catholics is longer than the entries for Goa and the History of Goa combined *facepalms*

[004] I really, really want to get the Artbook for A:TLAB - ming85 has a post here and there are more pics (and a flipthrough video!!) here

[005] I finally made a commish tag for art going back to 2006! Discovered I missed posting one other set of commish pieces last year, which I'll correct tonight :3

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